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Apotheosis of The Killers in Mad Cool in front of 70,000 viewers

Like feeling in the happy part of the world. That's how happy you were last night at The Killers concert. A...

Rosalía in Almería with R for Reinona and A for Apotheosis

Last Tuesday, the Rosalía Fan Club in Spain posted some videos from the rehearsals they were invited to by the artist herself, with...

Marisa Monte in Noches del Botánico: the apotheosis of the goddesses

At the Noches del Botánico festival, they always boast a relentless, rigorous punctuality, but Marisa Monte came along and threw her good habits...

Apotheosis of Italy, gold in the 4×100 style relay at the World Aquatics Championships

Italy ended the last day of Swimming World Championships in Budapest Clubbing of the United States in the 4x100-meter medley relay. The...

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