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This is how Amancio Ortega invests: renewable energies, telecommunications and emblematic buildings

A look at the moves of 2022 reveals the interests of Amancio Ortega when acting as an investor. The founder of Inditex,...

Amancio Ortega acquires 5% of Enagás renewable subsidiary

Amancio Ortega becomes a shareholder of the Enagás Renovable subsidiary. Pontegadea, the investment arm of Inditex's founder and largest shareholder, joins Hy24,...

Pontegadea (Amancio Ortega) becomes a shareholder of Enagás Renovable with a 5% stake

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - Enagás has included Pontegadea in...

Amancio Ortega already has more real estate assets than before the pandemic: 15,264 million

The pothole of the pandemic is already a mirage for Amancio Ortega. Grupo Pontegadea, the group of companies through which Zara's founder...

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