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Patxi López is surprised that Griñán and Chaves are sentenced while Aguirre is freed by Púnica

urges the PP to "keep silent" as it is the only party "convicted of corruption". ...

Una década de corrupción con Esperanza Aguirre al frente

Una decena de investigaciones judiciales a lo largo de los últimos 15 años ha destapado múltiples casos de grave corrupción en los gobiernos...

More than five years of “irregularities” in the PP for Esperanza Aguirre to win elections

The stain spans all of Esperanza Aguirre's legislatures (2003-2012). Former President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, who came to the regional...

Prosecutors believe that the fact that Aguirre had “absolute control” over the Madrid People’s Party “is not enough” to prosecute them

He absolves González, despite "documenting that he committed an electoral crime in the 2007 autonomous elections." MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA PRESS) - ...

Prosecutors exonerated Esperanza Aguirre because she “didn’t know” about the corruption in her government and her party.

The Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor's Office has declined to request the prosecution of Esperanza Aguirre, former President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, who...

The prosecution leaves Aguirre out of the case of box b of the PP in Madrid, blaming Granados and Beltrán Gutiérrez

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has taken a step three years after Esperanza Aguirre was indicted punic case. The Public Ministry has requested...

Anti-Corruption asks for apologies to Aguirre and González in the case of the alleged “box b” of the Madrid PP

MADRID, July 19 (EUROPA PRESS) - Anti-corruption prosecutors have asked the investigating judge whether the Madrid PP had a “B-box” that it used to...

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