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The IAEA advocates finding “common solutions” to differences over Iran’s nuclear program

MADRID, 26 September (EUROPA PRESS) - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)...

Díaz thinks the ECB’s inflation policy is a “mistake” and advocates wage protection: “Europe is late”

Criticizes that the rise in interest rates "enriches financial institutions" and calls for a "change of model" in energy policy ...

Scholz advocates increased gas imports from Portugal and Spain

BERLIN, August 11 (DPA/EP) - Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced he...

The PP advocates Ayuso’s resource because the energy saving plan is encroaching on regional powers

"We are committed to an energy ration card," announces Pedro Rollán MADRID,...

Consumer advocates: abolish the principle of advance payment for air travel

BERLIN - The president of the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations, Ramona Pop, has called for the abolition of the principle of prepayment...

Ribera, who advocates the orderly closure of nuclear power plants, warns of corrosion and a lack of safety in French plants

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - Third Vice-President and Minister for...

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