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Cepsa achieves the highest half-year profit in its history: 841 million euros between January and June

The rise in oil and fuel prices allowed Cepsa to post its highest profit in its history for the first six months of...

Spain achieves a new ‘exemption’ and will cut gas consumption by just 7%

The third vice-president of the government and minister for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge, Teresa Ribera, stressed yesterday that Spain will...

Tubos Reunidos achieves a positive half-year result for the first time since 2014, reaching 1.9 million

BILBAO, July 22 (EUROPA PRESS) - Tubos Reunidos Group achieved a...

In 2021, the publishing industry achieves the largest increase in sales of the century with 5.6%

There are no changes in where Spaniards buy books: bookstores and chain bookstores account for 53.8%, the report said. The book trade...

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