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Andrea Berg: Disappointing cancellation! Florian Silbereisen is absent from the anniversary show

Today's hit news in the GALA ticker: Florian Silbereisen skips Andrea Berg's mega event +++...

“Let’s Dance”: Massimo Sinató is absent from the tour

"Let's Dance" on tour Disappointment for the fans! Massimo Sinato is not here ...

Anna Carina Woitschack: That’s why she was absent from “Always on Sundays”

Anna Carina Woitschack That's why she was not part of "Always Again on Sundays". ...

Brazil is the only one to have played all the World Cups, which other teams have several years without being absent from a World...

For Edison MendozaJuly 04, 2022 at 12:59 p.m.Since 1930, when the first world cup in uruguayseveral teams managed to lift...

For this reason, La Segura was absent from social media for three days.

safe is a content creator who usually keeps her followers up to date with her Instagram Stories about her daily life, new projects,...

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