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Sylvester Stallone shines like a superhero

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Trailer “Samaritan”
Sylvester Stallone shines like a superhero

Sylvester Stallone in the superhero movie Samaritan.

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Whether as Rocky or Rambo – Sylvester Stallone loves beating bad guys. In the “Samaritan” trailer, he can finally make it as a superhero.

Thanks to “Samaritan”, Sylvester Stallone (76) finally has his first leading role in a superhero film. On the fantasy film, which won’t be released in theaters but will be available to all Prime Video users from August 26, An official trailer has just been released. In it, Stallone, as the main character, forges a hammer that might even make Thor jealous, slips into an imposing hero costume, and shows little to no old age in the fight against the city’s villains.

“Samaritan” tells the story of 13-year-old Sam Cleary (16-year-old Javon Walton). The boy wants to discover the secret of his former neighbor Joe Smith. And indeed: the garbage man turns out to be a former Samaritan superhero, who was thought to be dead, but who has long since retired and initially seems uninterested in fighting for good again.

Pilou Asbæk as opponent

Individual scenes in the three-minute clip show just how powerful the Stallone Samaritan is. Broken bones heal in no time, bullets can’t seem to hurt him either, and cars weighing tons are knocked over like dominoes. Actor Pilou Asbæk (40) appears in the trailer as an evil adversary. The Dane has already proven himself in the series “Game of Thrones” as Euron Greyjoy to be a worthy antagonist that we love to hate.

Samaritan is Stallone’s first starring role in a superhero film. Although he already appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, he only had the small supporting role of Stakar Ogord. In the meantime, he wasn’t seen in “The Suicide Squad”, only heard – in the original, Stallone lent his voice to shark-man Nanaue.


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