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The Secretary General of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, has defended that he can “without any problems” combine his seat in Parliament, which he won after the June 19 elections, with the seat he is renewing from the regional governments in the Senate has nomination, and He has justified his continuity in the House of Lords by what he believes to be giving the PSOE-A “voice” and “visibility” in the debate on autonomous financing reform being conducted in this room.

In an interview with Europa Press, Espadas argued that “it is important that the Secretary General of the Andalusian PSOE has a position and visibility in one of the most important debates in this legislature, regional funding”. In this regard, he recalled that this year he had served as spokesman for the Socialist Group in the Commission of the Autonomous Communities, a responsibility which he confirmed will continue in this new mandate.

“The PSOE of Andalusia must also have its own voice in the political debate on such an important issue in Madrid. And, of course, the voice of the Secretary-General must guide this debate,” he explained, Espadas, who underlined that he heads “the main PSOE federation in Spain” and is also the President of the PSOE Territorial Council at federal level.

In addition, he has expressed his will that the Andalusian Socialists “from the opposition” “help to find the fairest financing formula and model for Andalusia”, provided that in any case the state “makes agreements with everyone autonomous communities”.

After Espadas expressed his wish that “one of the keys to this legislature” was “the new regional funding model”, Espadas stressed that the current President of the Board of Directors, Juanma Moreno, “was also a Senator of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in 2015 when he took office.” ran for the first time in the regional elections and did not win, and then retained his role as Senator.

Swords has indicated that “at the moment” he believes he should “compare” his seat in the Senate with that of the Andalusian parliament. “It’s not a problem for me,” he has condemned, before adding in any case that his “priority, since it cannot be otherwise, is to carry out the work of the leader of the opposition in the Andalusian Parliament”, although in addition he will “Participate in the plenary sessions of the Senate and I will carry out this specific task on the subject of regional financing because I believe that it is a subject on which it is important that the voice of the PSOE of Andalusia is heard “, as he pointed out.

Espadas has also noted that he has “experience” in relation to the “compatibility” of responsibilities, having combined that position with that of Mayor of Seville in the first few months after his proclamation as Secretary General of the PSOE-A in July 2021 and with his role as a socialist candidate for the regional elections in Andalusia. In addition, he was a senator appointed by Parliament between 2010 and 2013, while since 2011 he has served as “Head of the Opposition in the Seville City Council”, then governed by Juan Ignacio Zoido (PP).

“Therefore, one seat is absolutely compatible” with the other, according to Espadas, who has also stressed that the Senate is “the territorial chamber” in which “autonomous issues” are “fundamental” issues and has emphasized that fundamentally, the former board members Elías Bendodo and Juan Bravo (PP) “to reconcile their protocol as regional MPs with their recently acquired status as senators”.


On the other hand, the president of the PSOE-A has defended that he has proposed for the third position of senator by autonomous nomination corresponding to his political group in this legislature – together with his and that of the former president Susana Díaz of the City Council of Vélez-Málaga, Víctor González to “retain a senator from Málaga” replacing the Andalusian socialist María Luisa Bustinduy and because she is a person who “despite being young has an important political career in the city of Halle” of the said place, and that he believes “it will be a good asset”.

His appointment also “sends a message of political renewal and gives young people opportunities but develops with the talent and experience they have demonstrated on the job over the past few years,” Swords said.


On the other hand, referring to the usefulness of the Senate, the leader of the PSOE-A has highlighted that they have been debating there “since January” “an absolutely fundamental issue in the model of governance that we are in right now, away from the pandemic, that is management of European funds”, as is emphasised.

It is, he explained, “an issue that concerns the administration of the state, the autonomous communities and the local administration”, and in this context he emphasized that he himself “promoted it directly and the government supported it with the appearance of the first one Vice-President and Minister of Economy”, Nadia Calviño, “a monographic session” in the above-mentioned Commission of the Autonomous Communities “relating to the strategic projects that are being developed in each of the communities with the financing of these funds” , and “how to understand the role of the different administrations coordinated in their administration”.

Returning to the “autonomous financing debate,” he stressed that this model “will ultimately be adopted by the House of Representatives in a law,” but “first there must be an agreement” in the Fiscal and Fiscal Policy Council, the government and the Autonomous Communities, and there must be also give a model agreement between essentially the two major parties in the country”, referring to PSOE and PP.

“Therefore, I believe that Mr. Moreno will not be the only interlocutor on this subject”, although as chairman of the board he “has the responsibility of leading the negotiations” on the part of the Andalusian government, as Espada’s continuation warn that the also chairman of the PP -A “politically” could have “difficulties” in these negotiations because “his model is not consistent with that of the current national leader of the PP and former president of the Xunta de”. Galicia, Alberto Nunez Feijoo.

The socialist representative has underlined that “we defend a model that distributes wealth based on population”, which Moreno “shares and supports” in the Andalusian Parliament when he was leader of the opposition in 2018, and on the premise that it is now this one There is a topic “should also be debated and discussed between the parliamentary groups, not just between the regional governments,” said Espadas “very positively” that Finance Minister María Jesús Montero is now also Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE.

“He is the person who knows best what the problem is to adapt a financing model that is fair for all areas of Spain,” said Espadas, who assessed in this sense that in Montero now “both his institutional responsibility and his responsibilities converge”. the search for agreements such as their position within the PSOE, also to unite the different opinions that could exist within “the party” in different territories, essentially based on issues related to the population and the weight they carry of model financing”.

In any case, Swords assumes that “we are in a difficult moment from a political point of view”, before the “last year of the legislature”, which “makes it difficult to reach agreements” and that “autonomous financing is complex”. , and more in a “difficult economic scenario”, but he has defended that it is necessary “to have a dialogue, to start and promote these negotiations in different areas” and “to try to move forward”.

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