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Swiss Accelerator: transitional measure for SMEs and start-ups approved

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At the moment, Switzerland can only participate as a third country in the world’s largest research framework programme, Horizon Europe. This means that local researchers cannot apply for a grant from the European Research Council (ERC), for example. Participation in the financing instrument “Accelerator” of the European Innovation Council (EIC) is also not possible. This council has been definitively established in Horizon Europe after the pilot phase as part of the previous programme. Unlike Innosuisse’s existing project funding, the EIC not only bears the costs of the research partner in the event of a positive project evaluation, but also directly finances the costs of the SME or start-up. However, the competition for these funds is fierce and companies have to demonstrate that their project has a very high potential for innovation. With the exclusion of Switzerland from the EIC, innovative Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups are currently unable to apply for such financing.

New legal basis created

In the autumn session of 2021, the Swiss Parliament discussed the Federal Law on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (FIFG). With wise foresight, Parliament has included the following provision in the RIPA (art. 19, para. 3ter RIPA): “To the extent that Swiss companies are denied access to offers of financing for individual projects of the European Commission, Innosuisse can authorize innovation projects with significant innovation potential of young and small companies and promote medium-sized companies with the aim of rapid and efficient commercialization and corresponding growth.”

The Federal Council has now decided that this passage will come into force in mid-April 2022, while the other new RIPA provisions will only apply from March 2023. Innosuisse can now prepare the final tender. The Swiss Accelerator transitional measure is intended to help reduce Switzerland’s disadvantage due to its incomplete participation in Horizon Europe.

Call for applications starts in April

In early April 2022, Innosuisse will post the tender documents on its website. Swiss SMEs and start-ups with concrete ideas for projects with significant innovation potential should carefully review the tender documents.

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