Whether it’s a bikini or a swimsuit, we want to feel comfortable at the beach or in the pool. Do you feel the same way? So here’s the good news: swimwear trends in 2022 will be extremely diverse – so each of us will surely find what he is looking for.

The hot season is finally approaching. The first thoughts on the subject of summer vacations or trips to the quarry lake have long been made. time yourself once the latest swimwear trends for 2022 watch Which model is your favorite?

Swimwear: These 7 trends will dominate summer 2022

  1. High waist bikini bottom
  2. cutouts
  3. Open back crossed in front
  4. Marine
  5. Trendy color Very Peri
  6. Deep neckline (back)
  7. Two-tone designs

High waist bikini bottom

Don’t want to go belly up on the beach? Of course, we should still break the habit, but let’s be honest – every once in a while we catch ourselves doing it. If you want to avoid this, we have a good tip: When it comes to swimwear, high-waisted briefs will still be in style in 2022. Bikini bottoms with high cuffs emphasize your femininity and – depending on the cut of the leg – can be as sexy as they are elegant. Ruffles can also distract from small signs of pleasure.

Here you will find many cute bikini bottom with a high waist cut.


We’ve known and loved this swimsuit trend in dresses for years: cutouts. The more sophisticated, the better. In swimsuits, cutouts have a decisive advantage over many other continuous models. You can step out of the supposedly less sexy one-piece suit make a hot eye-catcher. So, if you prefer wearing a swimsuit over a bikini and still want to show off a bit more skin, this 2022 swimwear trend might be for you.

Surprising Cut-out swimsuits we have compiled for you here.

Open back crossed in front

We’ve always loved bikinis and halter swimsuits. In 2022, however, you will see more and more models that are not crossed behind the neck, i.e. in the neck, but in front on the neckline. A must-have trend this summer. Why? From sexy to cool, this one is Wonderfully changeable swimwear trend.

Convinced? Then we have a selection of the right ones for you Bikinis and backless swimsuits found.


A trend that will probably never stop when it comes to swimwear: the sailor look in blue and white and/or striped. Why? After all, there is hardly a more logical connection between the sea, the beach and our beachwear. Have you avoided the sailor look so far? Then 2022 will be high time. Because following the trend has never been so easy.

For matching bikinis in maritime look we have gathered for you.

Trendy color Very Peri

It goes without saying that the trend color of 2022 should not be missing on the beach or at the pool. With Swimwear in Very Peri you are absolutely trendy, if only by the choice of color. So you can concentrate entirely on your favorites in terms of shape and fit. As long as the color is good, the fashion factor is also good.

Here you will find a beautiful one Selection of bikinis and swimsuits in the trendy color Very Peri.

Deep neckline (back)

Do you still know the prejudice that swimsuits are conservative and boring? With these models with a deep neckline, you prove the opposite once again. Whether it’s a ravishing back or a deep neckline – both can be very attractive and ensures your wow appearance on the beach. If you also choose an exciting pattern or a bright color, bikinis can pack a punch in comparison.

A fine selection of Swimwear with deep neckline (back) we have found for you.

Two-tone designs for a wild mix & match

One of our favorite swimwear trends for 2022 is color combinations. Especially with bikinis, it can be ours Want a little more durability very accommodating. For example, do you have a bikini top that has faded or misshapen matching panties? Perfect! Then just buy new bikini panties in a different color instead of a new set. And you have already set up the two-tone trend and can score points with it on the beach.

The good ones colorful items for a trendy mix & match can be found in our overview.

Swimwear is of course much more than just swimwear.Accessories such as a sun hat, sunglasses and a beach dress can complete your look perfectly. And if you couldn’t part with your favorite bikini from past seasons, accessories are perfect for refreshing the trendy side of this treasure. Here are some beautiful examples.

Baseball cap, bucket hat or straw hat? So nice to protect your head from the sun

In addition to sunscreen, head coverings of all kinds provide us with important protection from too much sun. Therefore, these are also indispensable when it comes to the right beachwear. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sporty baseball cap, a cool fishing hat or a romantic straw hat.

Headbands, clips and co: the ideal accessories for quick beach hairstyles

At the beach, hairstyles must often meet one criterion above all: they must be practical. The optics do not necessarily have to suffer. Whether you want to pin your hair up or just keep the front part out of your face – both work wonderfully easily with bobby pins and scarves. The best thing about it: these beach hairstyles look great with the right accessories. You don’t have to compromise between practicality and style.

Sunglasses galore: the best protection for your eyes

What would a trendy swimsuit be without The accessory of the summer: sunglasses?! Similar to headgear, it is about much more than just looking the best. Therefore, protect your eyes from too much sun and harmful UV rays with suitable sunglasses.

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