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“Survivors” and general ignorance

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Mars is a satellite of Earth, England, the capital of the United States and the myth of the cave, a thing by Juan Talavera. They’re not “cold/heat, high/low, day/Carrefour” stereotypes, but responses from candidates from survivor in general knowledge tests.

We are free to indulge ourselves, they are not ignorant because they do not have access to proper education, but because that education is insane. Give me bread and call me fool. You’re also allowed to rant about the price of this bread, but Telecinco is a private chain and you get to choose what you spend your gold on. While Antena 3 indulges in the competitions that reward knowledge, they bank on the excuse of ignorance.

This year, one contestant not only doesn’t know who Laika is, they’re upset about the difficulty of the question. The same fate befell Teresa of Calcutta. Years ago, she was confused with Vice President María Teresa Fernández de la Vega Nobody is perfect, a summer format that pitted “smart” against “pretty” and had a single season, enough to plant the seed for it tronism and win the award for the program with the most geeks. For the audience, the prize was watching beings function successfully without knowing how to multiply by one.

He said better than anyone that the beautiful have it easier 30 stones With Jon Hamm stutters without anyone daring to tell him that he didn’t speak French. “Outer beauty is nothing but the magic of a moment,” wrote George Sand, but let’s see who wants to deny that moment.

This week one of the allowed tests survivor take rags out of their suitcases. They were vigorously applied. Even Susanita said to Mafalda: “You can go out without culture, but try going out without clothes.” In the end, they will be the smartest.

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