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Sunlight takes Edge as a Service to the next level by ordering edge infrastructure from a single source

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Partner Program makes it easy for partners to order fully pre-configured solutions powered by Avnet Integrated

CAMBRIDGE, UK, March 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edge infrastructure company Sunlight.io announced today that it has partnered with Avnet Integrated to launch a digital portal (storefront) for Edge-as-a-Service. The portal offers Sunlight.io channel partners the opportunity to order preconfigured edge infrastructure solutions with hardware, software, and central management for any location in the EMEA region, and soon for any location in the world.

With Sunlight, an edge infrastructure solution, managing edge applications becomes as easy as in the cloud. By transforming each location into a “microcloud,” all existing and new edge services can be consolidated onto a single, highly available, space-saving, and reliable hardware platform. These microclouds can then be operated from a central management dashboard as a decentralized cloud management, applications can be deployed and managed across locations with just a few clicks.

The partnership between Sunlight and Avnet Integrated enables an e-commerce platform where an Edge Server such as a Lenovo SE350 or Supermicro E300 with the Sunlight platform pre-installed can be ordered, pre-configured and shipped directly to desired locations. The client then simply connects the device to the network and powers it on at each location. Edge devices are securely connected to the central administration panel and receive the appropriate applications. The portal offers a selection of certified and tested platforms designed for common workloads. In this way, choosing the right platform for applications is no longer a guessing game.

Andrew Brewerton, CSO at Sunlight, commented: “The details of edge projects require a large number of devices to be deployed, whether in multiple locations, e.g. B. in a restaurant chain, or on several production lines, z. B. in an industrial manufacturing plant. For system integrators and resellers, quickly and seamlessly deploying edge-ready platforms running on edge-ready servers is important to achieve the space and cost savings that large-scale projects demand.”

“Avnet Integrated’s mission is to help companies like Sunlight grow exponentially by providing a comprehensive platform from concept to implementation. This is particularly important in the fast-growing edge computing market, where innovative solution providers like Sunlight need a partner that can scale integration services globally and increase customer reach and capital utilization on solutions. financial and consumer electronic commerce. We look forward to expanding this great portal to include more Sunlight solutions and regions,” said Nicole Enright, president of Avnet Integrated.

The digital portal is now available in EMEA for partners who wish to request a preconfigured edge solution: https://webshop.sunlight.io/customer/account/login/

Want to learn more about the Edge-as-a-Service digital portal? On March 31, 2022 you will be able to attend a live demo and Q&A webinar. Sign up here: https://landing.sunlight.io/eaas-storefront-demo

If you want to be among the first to order your preconfigured Edge solution in North America or Asia, you can register here: https://landing.sunlight.io/register-interest-storefront

about sunlight

Sunlight enables performance everywhere, from the cloud to the edge. Sunlight’s HCI stack enables AI, big data, analytics, and rendering applications to run three times faster compared to previous virtualization. Businesses and MSPs use Sunlight to reduce the cost of delivering high-performance IT by 70%. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions, want to request a demo, become a Sunlight partner, or want a free trial.

About Avnet Integrated

Avnet Integrated is the integration arm of Avnet Inc., providing comprehensive service, business and system integration solutions worldwide. Working in partnership with the industry’s leading platform providers, Avnet Integrated helps clients optimize their capital deployment, drive revenue and enhance their brand experience, ultimately leading to faster revenue growth. and the margins. Visit www.avnet.com/integrated for more information.

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