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Summer returns next week

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After a week marked by rain and showers, particularly in the northern half, during which Spain was meteorologically split in two, with the west experiencing temperatures below normal, the east above and a narrow north-south band in mid-normal readings for the time, the weather is beginning to stabilize this Friday and thermometers are beginning an escalation that will bring summer back to the part of the country that lost it next week. For example, Mérida and Madrid will go from 27° to 34° and 32° respectively on Friday and Jaén from 29° to 33°.

It’s Friday, the weather is trending this Friday, although the rains continue in the northern third of the peninsula, again with possible storms in the North-East that will be locally strong in the Pyrenees, forecasts Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) . ). Stormy showers are also possible in the Balearic Islands accompanied by mudwhile the sun is shining in the rest of Spain.

Temperatures, according to the meteorologist, will rise in the western half, in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, but will fall in eastern Cantabria. Thus, Valencia will reach 34 °; Girona, Palma and Seville are between 31° and 32°, Madrid stays at 27°. The morning will be cool in Ávila, Burgos, León and Palencia, with lows reaching 8°.

Saturday begins with rain in Galicia, the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees, which may weaken and spread more widely to the northern plateau, the Ebro Basin, the interior of Catalonia and the central and Iberian systems. Slightly cloudy skies or cloud sections are expected on the rest of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Temperatures will drop in the northwest, Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands and rise in the eastern interior of the peninsula. Zaragoza shows ways to be the hottest capital with 33 °.

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More rains on Sunday in the northern third of the peninsula, which will spread in the form of showers that can be locally intense in the Iberian system and inland Catalonia. In the rest of the country the sky is partly cloudy. Temperatures will drop in the north-east and will change little in the rest of the peninsular area and the Balearic Islands.

Weather tends to become more stable on Monday and Tuesday of next week, although light and scattered rainfall may occur in the northern and eastern thirds of the peninsula. Partly cloudy skies in the rest of the country. And temperatures are beginning to rise, a thermal surge continuing over the following days so that it will surpass 35 degrees in much of the southern half of the peninsula by the middle of next week. Storms will form in the mountainous areas of the northern half.

The summer-typical trade wind regime prevails on the Canary Islands, which will intensify this weekend. They will draw clouds to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and the north of the most mountainous islands, where they will leave drizzle. In the south the sky is getting clearer. Temperatures will remain mild over the next few days with no major changes.

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