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Summer reading: Eleven books that make you want to eat

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What a pleasant feeling to enjoy a good book. And if the work, of whatever kind, is also entirely or partially dedicated to dishes, recipes or drinks, the enjoyment usually increases. At such moments you don’t need a sense of taste or smell, just reading a few well-written lines will make your salivary glands work harder than an August intern.

In addition to fruit, summer also brings a break that many use to look at or open books again. So we consulted some voracious readers to recommend works that whet the appetite or make you want to drink. In the list we included novels, comics, essays, diaries and memoirs; There are no recipe books because you can tell me the value of making you hungry with a full color photo of a chocolate coulant printed on very expensive glossy paper. commissionersHere are 11 food reads to liven up your vacation:


We have always lived in the castleby Shirley Jackson

“Although it is a beautiful novel in which revenge and darkness are the true protagonists, food plays an important role in it,” emphasizes the editor-in-chief commissioner Monica Escudero. “Constance’s virtuosity leads to sumptuous stews, incredible cakes, sumptuous breakfasts and every whim of the occupants of the house,” describes Escudero, adding, “even after the catastrophe – you have to read the novel to understand it – he manages it to keep making dishes that make you salivate”. editorial staff: Lowercase letters. Price: 18.50 euros pure all your books.

the lost flavorsby Raquel Martos and Gabriela Tassile

Javier Cirujeda, one of the three members of the podcast gastronomic La PicaetaSelect the lost flavors, a novel in which a group of people sign up for a class in a city where they have to do an elaboration that connects them to a special moment in their lives. “It says a lot about how memories taste and the emotional connection we have to cooking. It’s very easy to read, one of those works that you will live in forever, and you feel a tremendous desire to enroll in one of those courses,” says Javier. “Plus,” adds this communicator, “each dish the characters prepare comes with a corresponding recipe written by chef Gabriela Tassile, in case you choose to make it at home.” editorial staff: B editions. Price: 18.91 euros on the website of Penguin Random House.

The silence of the Lambsby Thomas Harris

No, the food journalist Alexandra Sumasi don’t go around looking for human ankles on sale or The silence of the Lambs It whetted his appetite: he recommends this work because he remembers it made him drink. “In the first few pages, psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter boasts about eating the stewed liver of someone on the census, but what really caught my attention was the choice of wine, an Amarone della Valpolicella, a name I had known until then had never read or heard of,” explains Alexandra. “In another chapter, the good doctor Clarice Sterling buys a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem from the year she was born, and that’s when I got curious again. I spent years with these wines in my head until I tasted them,” says the journalist. editorial staff: pocket size. Price: 9.95 euros pure all your books.


sparklesby Jen Wang

“This comic tells the story of two friends, Christine and her new neighbor Moon. They are both Americans of Asian descent and, among other things, they show this with their dishes, especially those prepared in the latter’s home,” she comments. Patriciaresponsible for food networks and author of novels such as The responsibility of being called Beatriz in Tuscany. “Without food being a central theme of the book, one can find give myanthese are noodle-like noodle soups, some kind of Taiwanese ice cream, some others dumplings and references to many other courts,” says Patricia. editorial staff: Sapristi. Price: 17.90 euros on the website of all your books.

the ignorantby Etienne Davodeau

Javier Cirujeda’s second recommendation is this French work in black and white, which “is about a cartoonist who has a friend who makes wine, whom he offers to help him with his chores for a year and the protagonist tells him in the In turn, that teaches comic world to the winemaker”. “It’s very cool because, apart from being a true story by the author himself, you really want to know and learn about oenology and comics, two very interesting worlds,” says Cirujeda. editorial staff: The dome. Price: 19.90 euros pure the network from the publisher.


Gastrosophy, an atypical history of philosophy, by Eduardo Infante and Cristina Macia

Foodie patriarch Mikel López Iturriaga admits that he approached this book thinking it would be an important tostón, but definitely not: “As soon as I started reading it, I scolded myself for my prejudices, I could have missed one of the most interesting, entertaining and uplifting food posts of the year.” According to López Iturriaga, “Eduardo Infante and Cristina Macía describe, with a kind tone, good humor and an Epicurean spirit, the thoughts about food – and the manias with it – some philosophers, from Socrates to Marx, who went through Averroes, Descartes, Montaigne or Kant”. And he assures that he not only tells curiosities, but “invites us to think about topics such as pleasure, deprivation, sin, leisure or culture that have more to do with food than we usually think.” editorial staff: Rosameron. Price: 20.90 euros on the side all your books.

Cooked and violoncHvaluationby Mercedes Cebrian

“This book is as comforting as the soups that Mercedes Cebrián, its author, loves so much, who dreams of starting a restaurant called Soponcio Soups, where only this food will be served,” explains Mònica Escudero, continuing: ” With her hand in we will embark on a journey on the very difficult mission of learning to play an instrument that is already complicated, as a grown woman with the life and responsibilities of a grown woman.” Escudero emphasizes that “his patience, tenacity and good humor are accompanied by fragrant aromas of the kitchen, like fermented kyou go, Italian soups at over 35 degrees in the shade and many other hearty dishes”. “If you like music and food, this portrait of two obsessions will inspire you to read in the summer,” concludes Mònica. editorial staff: Random House Literature. Price: 17 euros pure The website from the publisher.

the damn gastronomyby David Remartinez

David writes so merrily, so complex in its simplicity, with such an attractive style without being baroque, that the 230 pages of this book will drink faster than a pitcher of rebujito at the carnival. It is an anti-elitist essay that takes gastronomy down from the inaccessible attic where some critics and scholars have climbed to the entrance of the building on the same street. With chapters like “Why you like good wine” or “Why eating well doesn’t depend on the price”, Remartínez stands out from those works that smell of cigar smoke and makes everyone an expert in the matter or not find his dissertations on spoons and bottles Interesting. Editorial staff: The unveiled editions. Price: 20 euros in the network from the publisher.

The joy of excesseither (food magazines)by Samuel Pepys

This short book, only 128 pages long, consists of fragments on a gastronomic theme taken from the famous 17th-century journals of the Englishman Samuel Pepys. The author advises us to read it Kiko Amat: “Pepy’s friend spends the whole play eating, thinking what he’s going to eat, throwing up, drinking and trying to kiss people. And also manages his fortune, but he throws up more than he manages,” the author concludes track breaker, rematch either before the hurricanenalongside other titles. editorial staff: Nordic books. Price: 16.50 euros pure all your books.

A real change: a Return to the origin in the land of shepherdsby Gabi Martinez

“It’s a kind of fictional diary that the author wrote a few years ago when he decided to spend the winter in his mother’s town in Extremadura, in a region known as Extremadura-Siberia for its ecological and social harshness.” , says the journalist. commissioner Carlos Orquin. “The uncle isolated himself in a shepherd’s house as a time of introspection at a difficult period in life in order to reconnect with his origins. His reflections revolve a bit around the environmental issue, but I remember he woke me up quite hungry because there were very interesting descriptions of popular foods and situations related to cooking,” Carlos elaborates. editorial staff: Six barrels. Price: 19.50 euros pure all your books.

we ate and drankby Ignacio Peyro

The food communicator Claudia Gonzalez Crespo advises us to read we ate and drank, a book that “makes a tour through the months of the year, based on the gastronomic memoir of Ignacio Peyró, with a narrative that teleports”. González Crespo points out that this work, more than just wanting to eat “also”, leads him to after-food, moments of pleasure and time together, memories and nostalgia. editorial staff: Asteroid Books. Price: 17.95 euros pure all your books.

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