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Summer fashion 2022.. The denim skirt for a practical and elegant look

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Elle magazine pointed out that the jean skirt represents the star of women’s fashion in the summer of 2022, as it gives women a practical and elegant look.

The magazine specialized in fashion and beauty explained that the jeans skirt appears this season with various designs that reflect daring and originality; For example, the midi skirt comes with a long front slit, while other models have a front row of buttons.

Some models feature the patchwork print, which is inspired by the spirit of the seventies, while other models come in a very short cut to give women a look full of femininity and emotion.

In addition to the denim skirt, short and wide-leg jeans are the star of women’s fashion in Spring/Summer 2022, giving women a contemporary look.

Jeans with short and wide legs come in different lengths, either a little below the knee or up to the middle of the leg or up to the ankle at the latest, since the wide cut of the legs highlights the middle, giving it a appearance to texture. full of femininity.

Short, wide-legged jeans are in harmony with narrow-cut tops or short-cut tops like the short top.

As for the right footwear, cropped and wide-legged jeans can be coordinated with sneakers for a casual and practical look, while a dressy look can be achieved by pairing it with dressy loafers. You can also achieve a look full of elegance, femininity and luxury by coordinating it with an ankle buckle sandal.

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