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Suddenly, Dominik doesn’t feel like it anymore.

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“Two in one day? I can’t do that!” – In week 6, “Bachelor” Dominik surprisingly gave up and refused to kiss a favorite. Another lady made great strides in his favour.

The bachelor Dominik did not want to kiss Jana-Maria. At least there was enough red wine… (Image: RTL)

The group gets smaller, the problems get bigger! Only seven women are still in the race for the last rose of the “Bachelor”. At the beach “glamping” under the palm trees, the ladies really wanted to get to know their “neighbor” Dominik better. But he kidnapped Anna to another place to catch up on what she had missed on her first date, and more! This causes a lot of stench, trampled hearts, and a nasty basket for Jana-Maria. A multi-act drama…

At first there was a bitter rejection for Chiara. After a spirit walk with a Mexican shaman, she was very elated: she saw a “very, very good foundation” for her and Dominik. But she preferred to spend the rest of the evening with Anna and sent Chiara home: “I felt very rejected, it just hurts!” she admitted.

It was his birthday the next day! The celebration consisted of waiting together for Anna and Dominik to return. In vain! The Rosenkavalier was cursed even more sincerely: “He stepped on my heart unnecessarily,” the birthday boy roared.

Anna kisses the bachelor Dominik in the infinity pool

“The kiss definitely coincided, it was nice!” Anna described her first contact with Dominik’s lips. (Image: RTL)

“Overnight campaign” with consequences

Meanwhile, the lucky chosen one had fun with the ‘Bachelor’ in the infinity pool, where he was finally able to give himself the long-awaited kiss. “She’s really good at kissing!” Dominik praised. “The kiss definitely coincided, it was nice!” Anna explained. And so the 33-year-old from Hamburg received an invitation: “I would be very happy if you stayed here!” – “I don’t feel like it!” she joked.

According to Dominik, it was a short night: you went to bed at five, listened to music, danced. And all without RTL cameras. “I’m tired but also happy!” admitted the 29-year-old. Thanks to this “overnight campaign”, Anna now has “a real advantage”.

And the other girls? They were still angry! “I can really imagine how small Dominik’s eggs are, if he comes soon!” Chiara recorded. And sure enough, the “Bachelor” made a dull noise: “I pee my pants just thinking about going down there right away!” She admitted before meeting the rest of the women again.

At least he had one present with him: the cake for Chiara. “My pulse is full!” she explained seeing him, but she swallowed her anger. “I was afraid that Chiara would throw the cake in her face!” Franzi revealed.

“Your reaction today was really unpleasant!”

The big scene of jealousy came from Jana-Maria. When Dominik wanted to ask her out for the night, she wasn’t so impressed: “After the date with Anna, are you going on a date with me? Can you just tune out and focus on me?” The “Bachelor” was surprised and promised Jana-Maria in private: “I can promise you that my thoughts are only with you. You are in a bad mood with me. Please stop, block like this!”

They managed date night on stage to some extent, albeit with a lot of alcohol. First, however, it was discussed again: “Your reaction today was really unpleasant!” Dominik complained. “Yesterday you slept with Anna!” answered Jana-Maria. “Yes, her on the left, me on the right!”

More wine for Jana-Maria!

After who knows how many glasses of red wine, Jana-Maria felt like kissing. Unfortunately, she was alone with it: “No, no money!” Dominik exclaimed, and that was no joke. “It doesn’t feel right for me to kiss two women in one day!” she confessed. “Maybe that’s a moral thing of mine. Two in one day? I can’t do that!”

Anyone now expecting a renewed Jana-Maria climb had apparently done the math without the red wine. “Then we can finish here!” She joked, admitting, “It was funny that he said out of the blue, ‘Well, I’m not kissing you today!’ But I understand it!” Please that? Wine happily moved on to the next best thing: Jana-Maria’s underwear, or rather the lack of it…her conclusion of the night: “I guess I’m not number one anymore, but I’m fighting for him!” !”

For Emily and Franzi, meanwhile, it has fallen out. The latter had almost guessed it. With tears in her eyes, the blonde explained, “Sad that many men only limit me to my appearance and don’t want to meet me!” Dominik pretty much just complimented her on her looks. “Then he’s not the one for me!”

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