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Successor to the 9 euro note: more money for the Länder “conceivable”

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Status: 08/02/2022 10:24

It remains to be seen whether there will be a similar offer to the 9 euro ticket from September. Federal states demand more money for this, the Federal Commissioner for Railways considers this possible – under certain conditions.

There is a dispute between the federal and state governments over funding for cheap rail service in local transportation after the 9-euro ticket expires. The chair of the conference of transport ministers, Bremen mobility senator Maike Schaefer, sees the federal government as having an obligation. The federal government’s rail transport officer, Michael Theurer, said the federal states must come on board. Without them, no follow-up offer can be put in place.

Mobility Senator Schaefer told “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland” that according to the regionalization law, the federal government is responsible for financing local public transport. A federal-state working group is discussing the maintenance of the 9 euro note, in particular with regard to a decreasing note. “However, implementation will only be possible with a massive increase in regionalization funds by the federal government,” Schaefer said.

Theurer considers that an increase in funds is possible

Theurer, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport, considers this conceivable. After the ticket limited to 9 euros was so well received, the traffic light coalition is now considering increasing the regionalization funds for the federal states. “They are responsible for local transport and receive ten billion euros a year for this,” he told the “Rheinische Post”.

“But we also have to ask ourselves: what does the future of local public transport look like? And it’s also about modern offers such as user-friendly apps, digitalization of the rails,” said the FDP politician. Theurer called the €9 note “a decoy offer that should set Germany’s fragmented transport association landscape in motion”.

“I don’t think much about the 0 euro note”

Until the end of the month, train travelers can use local transport throughout Germany for nine euros per month. Funding the ticket for three months is part of the federal government’s relief plans in response to drastic price increases in nearly every walk of life. Whether and how a similar offer should continue from September has been hotly debated for weeks.

Theurer does not consider many of the proposed possible successor tickets to be good ideas. “For example, I don’t attach much importance to the 0 euro ticket. It’s neither affordable nor sensible. The prices also have a steering effect and the rail network is sometimes heavily overloaded,” Theurer said. He is also skeptical of a 69 euro variant. “The 69 euro ticket, in turn, could lead to an increase in the price of network tickets in certain transport associations such as Berlin. That would also make no sense.”

Source www.tagesschau.de

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