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Stromer ST7: low-maintenance e-bike with electronic gear selection

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Jul 26, 2022 @ 11:47am

A low-maintenance belt drive and an electronic Pinion shifter are the highlights of this S-Pedelec. But the Stromer ST7 e-bike has other qualities that make you sit up and take notice.

The Stromer ST7 is by no means a bargain, but it offers technically very interesting equipment. (Source: manufacturer)

  • Thanks to a 1,440 watt-hour battery, the Stromer ST7 should offer a range of up to 260 kilometers.
  • It features a Gates belt drive and the new Smart.Shift C1.12i Pinion gear lever.
  • An approach gear can be electronically programmed for particularly fast starts.

Stromer from Switzerland is one of the pioneers of fast S-Pedelecs. Fast 45 km/h e-bikes are real eye-catchers. It’s no surprise that the new ST7 also makes it into our top e-bikes of the year.

Presentation: Stromer ST7

And it’s not only due to the striking appearance of the golden aluminum frame, but much more to the high-quality technology. It starts with the range. The 1,440 watt-hour battery juice should last 260 kilometers. This makes the e-bike a serious means of transport, even if it does not offer as good weather protection as these e-bikes with roofs.

In addition to integrated ABS, a technical treat is definitely Pinion’s electronic gear shifting, which stands out far from competing solutions, such as those found on the VanMoof S5. The integrated Pinion Smart.Shift C1.12i, for example, allows gear changes in 0.2 seconds. Ultra-fast shifting is possible even under load.

Vello Bike+ titanium

image set

E-Bike Innovations of the Year

E-Bike Innovations of the Year

Additionally, you can use the electronic cockpit to pre-select a gear that you want to automatically select when the traffic lights start. In addition, the encapsulated Pinion gearbox is extremely low maintenance, which goes well with the integrated Gates belt drive, which you never have to oil.

The basic version of the electric bike is equipped with front or rear wheel suspension. Big tires and a spring-loaded seatpost developed by the manufacturer allow you to roll over bumps and curbs without pain. Front suspension is available at an additional cost.

price and availability

The golden launch edition of the Stromer ST7 will appear in October 2022. Further color and equipment variants will follow in early 2023. The price? Hold on ! Go on it goes to 12,140 euros. With its technical equipment and the necessary connectors, the ST7 is reminiscent of Decathlon’s Magic Bike.

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