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Stranger Things Season Finale: Who’s Gonna Die?

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The latest installment in the saga of duffer brothers it’s terrifying and not at all accommodating for the most sensitive. Dark and ominous forecasts, stranger things puts Vecna ​​on the road and with it raised high expectations.

“The reveal of Vecna ​​as test subject 001, aka Henry Creel, at the end of Part One sets up Part Two for an action-packed battle between Hawkins’ misfits and the tentacled creature, but she also worries fans. fate of some of their favorite characters,” he quoted frames.

They could die

In addition to the doubts that have arisen about Eleven’s real father, there is also a debate over who will be the next victim. Dr. Martin Brenner might be. Since it makes sense for him to be eliminated for Eleven to have more powers, focus on Vecna. “It’s also possible that Brenner went through some sort of redemption arc before he was killed (see Billy in Season 3). Lt. Sullivan, as we know, believes he was the perpetrator of the heinous murders in Hawkins, he’s looking for her,” quoted a media analysis.

Another on the list is Dr. Sam Owens, a retired high-ranking member of the US Department of Energy. His primary role is to “contain the strange happenings that transpired early in the series, replacing Dr. Brenner as operations director”. at Hawkins Lab,” he quoted the universe.

It is also assumed that Murray fall in this last part of the series. The same happens with Eddie, “it looks like the rocker will use his epic guitar solo to save the day or serve as a distraction from something that, as we’ve learned, may end in tragedy. Although his popularity may be his salvation, we do not think it is likely that Eddie will make it out of the Upside Down alive.” There is also talk of the death of Robin, or Argyle.

A cult plot

Netflix makes clear the plot of the series which gave no respite from the horrors. “Following the disappearance of a young boy, a town unravels a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a very strange girl. Watch as much as you want,” the streaming platform said. Part of the secret to its success lies in the 1980s.

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