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Stranger Things Season 4: Eddie the serial killer – the secret origin story of the popular character

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July 05, 2022 at 10:15 a.m.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is available in its entirety on Netflix. Now the Duffer Brothers have revealed that popular character Eddie is based on a serial killer.

Stranger Things: Joseph Quinn stars as "Hellfire Club"- Chief Eddie Munson.

Stranger Things: Joseph Quinn plays Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson. (Source: Netflix)

  • As of July 1, 2022, you can finally stream the full fourth season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.
  • Matt and Ross Duffer, the show’s creators, have now revealed specific behind-the-scenes details about the show.
  • Eddie Munson, a main character in Season 4, is said to be based on a convicted murderer from the 1990s.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is extremely popular on Netflix. Shortly after Season 4 debuted in May 2022, the final two episodes finally began on Steam on July 1. It also stars casting newcomer Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson. This character might be familiar to some of the true crime fans in the audience, as he’s based on a key figure in the West Memphis Three case.

You met Eddie Munson in season 4 as a metal lover, social misfit, and drug dealer who leads the “Dungeons and Dragons” band Hellfire Club. In Episode 1, he was seen reading reports that corny role-playing leads to Satanism and even murder. Soon after, Eddie himself is charged with murder.

Series producers Matt and Ross Duffer recently mentioned in an interviewthat Munson is based on Damien Echols. He was charged with two friends in the murder of three eight-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. The case was highly publicized, so obvious was the suspicion of miscarriage of justice.

The Duffer Brothers wanted the new season to reflect the “satanic panic” that plagued parts of the United States in the 80s and 90s. This led it to the Paradise Lost documentaries, which covered the West Memphis Three, and by extension Damien Echols.

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“We really wanted a character who was a metalhead, a Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, and a real nerd at heart. But on the outside, you might think, ‘That boy is really scary.’ That’s how we got the idea for Eddie.” he said Horse.

Written by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, the Paradise Lost series follows Damien Echols, then 18, Jason Baldwin, then 16, and Jessie Misskelley, then 17. The three metal fans and friends arrived in 1993 for the alleged murder of three boys to life in prison, Damien Echols was even sentenced to death.

The perpetrators, who were mostly minors at the time, were also presented as outsiders to society during their trial. Prosecutors have insisted there are links between the crime and Echol’s interest in books and Stephen King’s paganism. In 2007, however, new DNA evidence emerged proving the innocence of the three metalheads, who were eventually released in 2011. Echols has since published four books on magic and rituals.

Speaking of Stranger Things character Eddie Munson, Matt Duffer said in the interview: “The sad thing about this story is that people who know him love Eddie. And those who don’t know him condemn him to the highest point. Just because of her clothes and her interests.”

Season 4B of Stranger Things is now available on Netflix. If you want to know more about the planned fifth season of the hit series, or if you want to know more about the creation of Vecna, you can find out more with us.

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