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“Storm of Love”: The wedding bells will soon ring for this couple

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The current series news in the GALA ticker: “Storm of Love”: this popular couple dares to take the next step.

The news of the series in the GALA ticker

August 01, 2022

“Storm of love”: the romantic engagement of Max and Vanessa is approaching

Viewers of “Storm of Love” can expect a touching and very romantic scene after the summer break: Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspár, 30) and Max (Stefan Hartmann, 32) are getting engaged very soon. First, Max surprises his girlfriend with his unleashed political ambition – it even goes so far as to get himself on the electoral roll for the town council. In the end, however, the pressure became too much for him: as the election approached, he gave up a political career.

"love storm": Vanessa proposes to her boyfriend Max

“Love Storm”: Vanessa proposes to her boyfriend Max.

© ARD/WDR/Christof Arnold

This disappointed Vanessa for a short time, but after a conversation with Alfons (Sepp Schauer, 73), she realized she had wronged her boyfriend. She decides to give him a romantic surprise and proposes to him. The joy is great when Max accepts the application and Max’s mother, Hélène (Sabine Werner), is also happy with the news. But the first things go wrong at the engagement party… The next episodes, which will be broadcast from August 2022, show how things will continue between the two newlyweds.

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