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‘Storm of Love’ Star Viola Wedekind Opens Up About Possible Comeback

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Current series news in the GALA ticker: ‘Storm of Love’: Viola Wedekind’s thoughts on a possible return +++ ‘Red Roses’ actress Maria Fuchs passed out in a testing center + ++ “Storm of Love”: Viola Wedekind talks about her release.

The news of the series in the GALA ticker

July 1, 2022

‘Storm of love’: Viola Wedekind would ‘under no circumstances reject’ a comeback

“Sturm der Liebe” actress Viola Wedekind, 44, is known to viewers of the ARD telenovela for her role as Ariane Kalenberg, described as “unpredictable and dangerous to the public”. Tuesday June 28 was his last day on the set of the popular ARD production: his character was sentenced to life imprisonment followed by security trials. In an interview with Nico Gutjahr on the “Webtalkshow”, she talks about a possible return to her role.

“Life imprisonment followed by pre-trial detention does not leave much room,” the actress points out, but “SdL” is ultimately a telenovela “and there is nothing that is not possible. You can also resurrect from the dead or come back as a twin sister or whatever”. In terms of chemistry, the sympathy of all the production and management, a return is possible for them. “We’ll see if they do it then, if the publishers do it, if it’s wanted at some point for dramaturgical reasons or not. Well, I wouldn’t turn it down now.”

June 30, 2022

Concern over ‘Red Roses’ actress Maria Fuchs: She fell unconscious multiple times

‘Red Roses’ actress Maria Fuchs, 46, who fans know as Carla Saravsakos, caused the team at the test center in St. Pauli, Hamburg, great concern last week: as she reports on Instagram, she passed out several times. “I suddenly had a high fever last Wednesday,” she introduced in her post. She was not able to work like that, but a corona self-test was negative. His employer also insisted on a PCR test. The next day, she went to the St. Pauli testing center, but before she could receive a baton, the actress passed out.

“A wonderful first responder from North Friesland held my head when I woke up and the whole #coronateststpauli team stood around me,” she describes the situation. After a sip of water, a place to sit down and a stable position – the second fainting followed. An ambulance call later, the realization: Fuchs does indeed have Corona. She uses the message to thank the helpers at the test center – and takes the situation with humor: “The moral of the story? Once in my life, I was lying with my legs apart on the Reeperbahn.”

June 29, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Viola Wedekind reveals the reason for her departure from the series

Viewers of “Storm of Love” had to say goodbye to a popular role: 44-year-old Viola Wedekind, for the role of which many telenovela fans feel a real love-hate relationship, left the series. In an interview with Nico Gutjahr on the “Webtalkshow”, she talks about her exit. “The role was actually only slated for a year,” she clarifies, “the ‘wicked adult fairy tale witch,’ as I like to call her, usually doesn’t last long.”

After all, people yearn for evil to be punished, and the longer you “do it, the hotter things get.” After Wedekind’s time on “Sturm der Liebe” had already been extended for more than two years and although they got along well, the boss: inside the ground with the main writer finally said: ” We can’t do it anymore, people are so upset.” It was clear to Wedekind that she would have to leave at some point. “I really, really enjoyed until the end,” she sums up kindly.

June 28, 2022

“In all friendship”: The hospital series should get a makeover

“In All Friendship” is currently one of ARD’s most successful productions and can expect a loyal fan base. Bernhard Bettermann, 57, has been there for a long time in the role of Dr. pierre martin In an interview with “Bunte” magazine, he talks about the future of his role and what a possible rejuvenation of the series would mean for him . “Producers rightly need to think about how to keep the format modern and fresh,” he said in an interview, citing new and younger faces as a possibility – “without abandoning the core crew more old”.

Currently, his role is as head of the Sachsenklinik – although that may change over the next year, as the actor suggests. A “joint decision was made that my role in 2023 would evolve in a different direction”. The actor isn’t going in which direction exactly, but it does give him “an opportunity to reposition himself when I’m almost in my late 50s, to take on other roles,” suggesting that his transition with “In aller Freundlich” is come to an end could.

June 27, 2022

“Tatort”: This is the duration of the summer break in 2022

‘Tatort’ viewers are already familiar with the summer break of their favorite detective series – but there are two changes this year. On the one hand, the break is shorter than usual and, on the other hand, it starts later this year.

In 2021, “Tatort” went on summer vacation on June 6. While the break lasted 13 weeks in 2020, it was cut short to twelve last year. This year, fans of the series will only have to wait eight weeks before it resumes. However, a shortened summer break doesn’t automatically mean more “crime scene” episodes: It’s more likely that the shortening is due to the World Cup. This will be broadcast on German television in November and December – also on Sunday evening, the real time slot for ARD production.

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