Current series news in the GALA ticker: “Storm of Love” flies off the program today +++ “In friendship”: Klara’s father now wants to have her with him +++ A successor to “Police Call 110” actress Verena Altenberger has been found.

The news of the series in the GALA ticker

July 20, 2022

“Storm of Love” must give way to a sporting event

Unfortunately, fans of “Storm of Love” will have to do without their favorite series on Wednesday, July 20. Instead of love, arguments and drama, the hottest day of the year so far will be France: the Tour de France is currently taking place there and the first show will show the 17th stage live from from 3:10 p.m.

The interruption could hardly have come at a worse time for viewers, after all, the summer break is already very close: the last episode of “Sturm der Liebe” will be broadcast from next Friday, July 22. From the following Monday, July 25, the telenovela will go on summer break. Instead of the usual repeats of old episodes during this time, the next three week slot will then be taken up by “Team Hirschhausen”.

July 19, 2022

“In friendship”: Dr. Stein must say goodbye to Klara

“In Friendship” viewers currently have to endure an emotional roller coaster ride: After Yaris (Richard Manualpillai), the father of Dr. Martin Stein’s (Bernhard Bettermann, 57) granddaughter Klara seems to be the little family that the doctor and his friend and colleague Dr. Ina Schulte (Isabell Gerschke, 43) built to break up. After much deliberation, Yaris decides not to return to Africa for his project but to take Klara with him to Cologne. He wants to catch up with his specialist there. Ina and Dr. Stein have no choice but to say goodbye to her beloved granddaughter.

On Instagram, some fans who have already seen the episode – and who are not at all enthusiastic about the end of Klara’s story – are speaking out. “As the show shows, it doesn’t matter where Klara is taken. It is and remains unrealistic and unnecessary,” is a fairly unequivocally critical summary of one fan’s story. “You could have saved yourself this episode,” writes another person who apparently failed to convince the other stories of the new “Half Truths” episode.

July 18, 2022

“The police call 110”: Verena Altenberger is replaced by Johanna Wokalek

Fans of “Polizeiruf 110” had to say goodbye to actress Verena Altenberger, 34: she turned her back on the detective series and her role as commissioner Elisabeth Eyckhoff. Now, a successor has been found: Johanna Wokalek, 47, will be the new investigator, as Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) announced in a press release. “At a time when certain things are becoming more confusing or more and more ‘watered down’, I am particularly happy to be part of this Munich gem”, quotes actress BR Wokalek.

The filming of his first “Polizeiruf 110” with the title “Little Boxes” has been underway since July 12 and is expected to end on August 12. In the new episode, Wokalek plays investigator Cris Blohm, who returns to Munich after a mission abroad and immerses himself in the university environment in case a doctoral student dies. During the investigation, she and her colleague Dennis Eden (Stephan Zimmer, 47) are confronted with the claim that the murdered man was a rapist and that he had received his “just” punishment. The episode is scheduled to air in the second half of 2023 on the first.

The news of the series of recent weeks

Did you miss the series news from the last few weeks? All information can be found here.

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