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Storm Chaser Trails Texas Tornado

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A storm chaser in Texas captured video of the moment a tornado crossed the road in front of him on March 21.

Mike Prendergast, a self-confessed “extreme weather lover,” recorded an Instagram Live post while tracking the tornado on State Highway 95 outside of Taylor, Texas.

The storm system had moved east by Tuesday, media reported, with more than a million people in Texas and Louisiana still under a tornado watch. More than 47,000 Texans were left without power following Monday’s tornadoes in the state. Credit: Mike Prendergast via Storyful

video transcript

– I can see movement right in front of us. – That’s it, right in front of us. – Yes. I’m sorry for the– – Uh, it doesn’t look good on the side. – OKAY. [RUMBLING] Dude, I can see the side right here, look. – If that is all. – Just there. – That’s it. Right… dude, it’s pretty stinky in there. I wonder if I could… oh my God. Check it out. Check it out. – I have it. I have it. – Everything’s fine. All right, if you guys are watching, we literally have a tornado right outside our window. There’s a– there– there– there you go. There’s the side of it. Check it out. Check it out. Holy Cow. Is that– oh, wait a minute. [LAUGHS] Is it just the rain? – Yeah, that’s just rain. – Okay, that’s just the rain. -She crossed her right in front of us. – It’s just the rain. – There is. – It seemed impr– oh, there it is right there. Yes, there you are. There is. Oh, the wind is blowing big. Okay, we’re… that’s heavy rain, man. I’m going to… okay, so where is… where is there an east route for me from here? – Uh– we’re going to have to– we’re going to have to go– – That’s the tornado, guys, right there. – Wow. Wow. – Can you see him there still? – It’s right here. – What what? – You can’t see it. – No, it’s all covered in rain. My glasses are soaked. Oh, power lines are down, we just passed. I didn’t even see that for– oh, look at the rubble here. – Oh man. – Storm damage. Storm damage, big time. Check out the trailer. Oh no – Oh wow. Oh, no – Wow, so hit this– – Storage. – –this storage facility and this house here as well. – This house– oh, man, are there people there? – I do not know. The house is not… the house is not destroyed. – Oh. -So… this is where he crossed. Is it, can you tell, still know if it’s on the ground? – I can’t, no, it’s completely covered in rain. – Alright, so that… that was a tornado crossing the road in front of us. I have my lives, my Instagram live going. And now he’s lost in the rain. We can’t see it. It’s back there somewhere. But we just crossed the path of harm.

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