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Stocks rise and oil trades above US $ 100: Mexico Hoy

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(Bloomberg) — Stocks rose on speculation that the US economy will be able to withstand rate hikes and a day after the Federal Reserve kicked off its most aggressive tightening campaign in two decades.

Most of the major groups in the S&P 500 advanced, with Amazon.com Inc. and Tesla Inc. leading gains on Thursday. Stocks fell in the early hours after a Kremlin spokesman said a report of major progress in talks with Ukraine was “wrong.” This also helped push oil above US$100 a barrel.

In the world:

  • China ratifies its friendship with Ukraine and promises to ‘never attack’

  • Energy cost would reach maximum against world GDP: Graph

  • Amazon closes MGM deal without regulatory objections

  • When Bezos wanted to transform Hollywood, the one who changed was the

  • Toyota and Nissan had plants after earthquake in Japan

What did AMLO say?

  • Painful homicides in Mexico fell 14.2% in February compared to the same month a year ago.

  • AMLO spoke again about a campaign against him, now related to the upcoming inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles airport. Routes to get there are not set and transfers from Mexico City could exceed two hours, making it an impractical option for some travelers. The Government intends to reduce boarding times for passengers to one hour for domestic flights and two hours for international flights to compensate for the delay in transfers.

  • It will carry out a raffle of confiscated real estate in Sinaloa through the National Lottery

Instant Markets:

More information from Mexico:

  • The US and Mexico prepare for a migration wave due to inflation

  • ‘Monopoly’ in payment network hinders startups in Mexico

  • Chilean startup Houm looks to accelerate growth in Mexico

  • Aeroméxico falls to almost zero in the final stretch of departure Chapter 11

What do the columns say?

  • Darío Celis talks about AlphaCredit’s third bankruptcy petition and another similar petition recently filed by the Landsteiner Scientific laboratory

  • Maricarmen Cortés says that in a recent meeting between AMLO and members of the Business Coordinating Council, the president “spoke in favor of making changes to his electricity reform initiative”

  • Carlos Loret talks about a reunion between the attorney general, Alejandro Gertz, and the former legal adviser to the presidency, Julio Scherer. The meeting was called by the Secretary of the Interior, Adan A. López and it did not end well

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