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Steamed aubergines with cashews and yoghurt


One of the peculiarities of sweltering heat is that it puts us to the test in the kitchen. Surely – until you remember our great advice – you have repeated the same dishes over and over again at temperatures above 30 degrees, because to eat well you have to know what you are cooking: a cookbook . And considering that gazpacho and/or salmorejo are gradually becoming mandatory, we must develop formulas to accompany them.

Eggplants are without a doubt one of the most versatile vegetables we can cook. Fried, in stews, steamed, baked, grilled, creamy, in hot or cold dishes. It happens in every scenario imaginable, so they get us out of trouble for those days when the brain isn’t running at the same pace as usual. For this recipe we will steam them to achieve a smooth and honeyed texture. Personally, my favorite eggplant is the Chinese eggplant, but the grated eggplant also has a less bitter taste than the ordinary eggplant, which has a thicker and smoother skin, so you can choose the one you like best or have on hand.

We will accompany it with a sauté made with cashews, jalapeño, garlic, ginger, onion and parsley. The salty taste is provided by the anchovy, which we will cook together with the sautéed ones to give it the umami point – the so-called “fifth taste” – and intense that blends perfectly with the butterfat. To refresh and energize, we use a simple mix of yogurt, lemon, and salt.

This type of combination lets you play with many other ingredients; You can taste other citrus fruits, with tahini, with peanuts, with more aromatic herbs, with roasted garlic… You can add smoked sardines for example and use the combination on toast. Eggplant and yoghurt can be paired with practically all sorts of additions, making it a perfect recipe to get out of the loop and add to the summer cookbook.


You have to be careful that the aubergines don’t turn to pulp.


For 2 people

  • 2 eggplants (plain or grated) or about 6 Chinese eggplants
  • 50 g cashew nuts
  • A spoonful of chopped parsley
  • 3 garlic cloves crushed and chopped
  • 1 jalapeño (or any fresh chili to taste)
  • A 3 cm piece of fresh ginger
  • Chopped half a red onion
  • 9 anchovies
  • 1.5 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 250g Greek yoghurt
  • The juice of a lemon and its zest
  • black pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste


  1. Prepare the steamer – or a large pot of water and a container to place the aubergines on – and place the washed aubergines, halved lengthways and a sprinkling of salt, on top. Steam for about 20 minutes or until tender.

  2. Mix together the yoghurt, the lemon zest (reserve some for serving) and its juice and a level teaspoon of salt. Refrigerate.

  3. Chop the garlic, onion, jalapeño, cashews, ginger and anchovies. Sauté the anchovies in the oil and butter until they begin to dissolve. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Cook for five minutes, add the chopped parsley leaves and cook for another minute. Take off.

  4. Once tender, remove the eggplants from the steamer and let them sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to lose water and heat.

  5. When everything is already cold, place the eggplant, more yogurt, the sautéed fresh parsley leaves, ground black pepper and some salt on a base of citrus yogurt. A little more lemon zest and serve.

If you make this recipe, share the result on your social networks with the hashtag #RecipesComidista. And if it goes wrong, complain to the Cook Ombudsman by sending an email to defensiveracomidista@gmail.com.


Source elpais.com

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