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Steam Deck: How to Install Discord on Valve Handheld

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Jul 21, 2022 @ 2:42pm

You cannot only install games on the Steam Deck. It is possible to use Discord on the handheld and we will tell you how the program is installed.

Here’s how to install Discord on the Steam Deck. (Source: Valve)

Valve’s Steam Deck is essentially a portable PC. As a result, you can not only play countless Steam titles, but also games from Xbox Game Pass or the Epic Games Store.

But especially with certain multiplayer titles like Fortnite, Halo Infinite or Fall Guys, communication with team members is essential. Therefore, we tell you how to install Discord on the Steam Deck.

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Install Discord

  • 1. Open desktop mode via the Steam button.
  • 2. Open the Discover app and search for Discord.
  • 3. Select Discord and choose the install button.

Now you can also make sure Discord appears in your library.

Add Discord to Steam Library

  • 4. Return to desktop mode after installation.
  • 5. Open your Steam library and find the “Games” menu bar.
  • 6. Check the option “Add a non-Steam game to my library”.
  • 7. Search Discord and add the app.

Incidentally, the Steam Deck isn’t just a PC-handheld hybrid, because with the brand-new docking station, the Valve handheld also becomes a console.

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