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Start of the play-offs against Giesen: The BR Volleys face a balancing act – sport

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It could be said that the BR Volleys have come full circle. After kicking off the Bundesliga season with a game against Giesen in October, the play-offs against Lower Saxony also begin on Sunday (5:30pm/Spontent). Since then, the initial situation has changed significantly. While the Volleys are first in the play-offs, Giesen was in eighth place after the end of the main round. The self-confidence on the Berlin side should be correspondingly high.

In the Bundesliga season they have only suffered one loss so far and have also weathered the loss of the cup. However, Ruben Schott warns: “The play-offs are the play-offs. Now it doesn’t matter what came before and if you pray a sentence or two.”

Volleys now face a real balancing act: the team only returned from Italy on Friday after the 3-0 Champions League loss and regeneration would be on the agenda before the second leg on Wednesday, if not. out for the match against Giesen. Because the quarter-finals are played to the best of three, winning volleys would set the stage for progression to the semi-finals.

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In particular, middle blocker Nehemiah Mote, who returned in Trento after injury, will have to use his strength on Sunday to be fully fit again against Trentino. It is quite conceivable that Georg Klein will play, who the Volleys actually only brought in to support them in training, but who will now be available for longer due to Anton Brehme’s long-term injury.

theater in frankfurt

There was also a bit of drama before the start of the volleyball Bundesliga play-offs: United Volleys Frankfurt were docked three points in the middle round table due to license violations. Which was a big factor in the fact that they lost the battle for third place against Friedrichshafen and are now fourth in the playoffs. To make matters worse for Frankfurt, a match against Düren could not take place due to corona and was not compensated. In this regard, it is quite conceivable that Volleys will meet Frankfurt in the semi-finals, provided they can prevail against Lüneburg.

Given the high frequency of games in the coming week, the Volleys should benefit from their large roster. “Everyone is necessary with this frequency of games and everyone enjoys the trust of the entire team,” agrees Ruben Schott. In this sense, you may also see players like Marek Sotola or Matthew West on the pitch, who have not made many appearances so far, but were briefly substituted in the game against Giesen in October. Then things would be completed for them too.

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