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Spring temperatures and pollen count

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Offenbach (dpa) – Germany’s strong sun ensures mild, spring-like temperatures during the day.

The climate currency downside: In many regions, pollen is already flying. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), pollen from hazel and alder trees in particular will be in the air in medium to high concentrations in the coming days.

“We recommend buying allergy products for the weekend,” a DWD meteorologist advised Friday in Offenbach. Because the rain, which could knock down the pollen, is not yet in sight. According to information, a few drops may only fall west of the Rhine and Ems on Saturday. In the rest of Germany, on the other hand, the deep blue sky of the last few days has mostly persisted.

“UV exposure is usually only low to medium, but if you’re going skiing in the mountains, you shouldn’t forget a light sunscreen,” the meteorologist said.

Daily highs rise from 15 degrees on Saturday to 17 degrees on Monday. Only in the west and northwest is it a little colder: there the clouds cloud the spring sun. At night there are still frosts with values ​​of up to minus eight degrees.

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