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Spring is coming – with lots of sun and almost 20 degrees

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Offenbach/Berlin (dpa) – The days are getting longer and the weather is also agreeing and makes you want to spend time outdoors: just in time for the start of spring, temperatures in Germany are rising sharply this Sunday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), there is pure sunshine in most regions.

Only in the west there are still some cloud patches, which, however, will disappear at the beginning of the new week on Monday. “In the west, temperatures will reach 20 degrees for the first time this year,” a DWD meteorologist said Friday in Offenbach.

Because the “Peter” high-pressure area is slowly moving toward Denmark and the Baltic Sea, clearing the way for warm air from the south. Consequently, temperatures on Sunday are still between 10 and 15 degrees, on Monday they will be between 13 and 19 degrees. Only in the sea it stays quite cool with 10 degrees.

Many people are drawn to the outdoors, parks, or hiking and biking. For this reason, many restaurants and cafes have placed tables and chairs outside. “We are almost invaded by the first rays of the sun,” says an employee of the “Schleusenkrug” beer garden in Berlin’s Tiergarten. “That’s because people are starving from the long winter.” According to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), there is no longer a “deadline” for the start of the season. Outdoor dining will begin as soon as the weather permits.

Spring makes itself felt even in zoos. Savannah animals at Leipzig Zoo now venture outside more often and, according to a Dresden Zoo spokeswoman, hoofed animals and monkeys are easier for visitors to see. And pups are now showing up at the Berlin Zoo, for example, a four- to five-month-old baby Parma kangaroo who peeks out of his pouch from time to time.

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