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Speaker defends himself against criticism of private jets

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Taylor Swift
Speaker defends himself against criticism of private jets

Taylor Swift doesn’t let the criticism of her stealing behavior rest on her.

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According to a study, singer Taylor Swift is the biggest environmental sinner among celebrities. That’s what his spokesperson says about the allegations.

Taylor Swift (32) has been heavily criticized for using her private jet. a Study of the British marketing agency Yard According to her, she is said to take the most air travel of any celebrity and therefore also leaves the largest carbon footprint. A spokesperson for the singer is now responding in conversation with “Entertainment Tonight” against the allegations: “Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned to other people. Attributing most or all of those trips to him is just plain wrong.”

According to the study, Taylor Swift took off from her plane 170 times in the past seven months. Their average flight time was 80 minutes, with the shortest route taking just 36 minutes. In total, the singer’s private jet emitted 8,293 tons of CO2.

Taylor Swift’s air travel sparked debate online

The CelebJets Twitter account has publicly pilloried prominent environmental sinners and sparked heated discussions with its tweets. On the broadcasts of Taylor Swift’s flight from Albany to Nashville a user writes: “Too much! Absolutely appalling! Considering their plane has been doing a lot of short-haul flights over the past few weeks. In that case, something really needs to be done for the environment.”

Another user agrees“Stop destroying the environment, Taylor. It’s terrible whether you’re on the plane or not.” “Oh wow, the world and the ozone layer will never come together again at this rate,” fears another user.

In addition to Taylor Swift’s flight logs, the study also lists those of rapper Jay-Z (52), director Steven Spielberg (75) and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian (41).


Source www.gala.de

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