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Spanish model and twin arrested for massive Amazon scam

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The titular model Mr. International Toledo 2022, Carlos Izquierdo and his twin brother Jorge they were arrested by Spanish police leading a 20-something network to deceive tech giant Amazon.

According to those published by Patricia Peiro in the The Spanish newspaper El País, the technique was simple:

  1. They ordered a product through Amazon.
  2. They picked it up at one of the points in the e-commerce platform.
  3. Then they made a false statement.
  4. They didn’t return the product, but they got the money back and also kept their purchase.
  5. They turned to courier delivery companies to deliver empty envelopes with the assigned return label instead of physically returning the purchased product themselves.
  6. To finalize the deal, the members of the plot would then resell the purchases on regular second-hand buy-and-sell sites or through apps.

“The business was growing to the point that they were scamming up to half a million euros with this mechanism.

El País newspaper of Spain

Police report on Operation Twins

According to the police, created some 500 customer accounts through which they made purchases using over 400 virtual cards“mainly high-end electronics”.

The investigation began in January 2021 and during all this time the police stations of Hortaleza and Coslada-San Fernando, in Madrid, evidence has been gathered to prove modus operandi of this network of 25 members, the youngest of whom was 20 years old and the oldest 35.

Source metroecuador.com

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