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Spanish cinema tops 30 million euros at the box office in 2022, although it’s still far from pre-pandemic numbers



Spanish cinema has collected a total of 31,341,424 euros in cinemas in 2022, bringing together almost 5 million viewers, although it is still far from the pre-pandemic figures, having collected more than 94 million euros more in the whole of 2019 more than 16 million viewers, according to data from the Ministry of Culture and Sport as of August 7, collected by Europa Press.

Overall, the Spanish box office this year brought in 88.1 million euros and gathered 14.1 million viewers, including foreign productions, highlighting “Minions, the origin of Gru” with 17.9 million euros and 3 million viewers; and Jurassic World Dominion with 17.3 million euros and 2.7 million viewers.

So far, the highest-grossing Spanish film of 2022 has been Padre no hay más que uno 3. The film by actor and director Santiago Segura grossed 11.3 million euros and brought 1.9 million viewers to the cinemas.

The “Top 5” highest-grossing Spanish films of 2022 are completed by “Alcarras” with €2.2 million in gross income and 361,471 viewers; “La Abuela”, 2 million euros and 287,013 viewers; “Mamá o Papá”, 1.5 million euros and 213,028 viewers; and “Llenos de grace”, 1.3 million euros and 223,028 viewers.

In 2018, Spanish cinema attracted 17.6 million viewers and collected 103.7 million euros, a figure similar to 2017, albeit less than the 109 million in 2016.

During the pandemic, Spanish cinema recorded 7.3 million viewers in 2022 when 43 million euros were raised; and in 2021 it grossed 42.3 million euros with 7.1 million viewers.


Source europapress.es

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