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Spanish car market down 12% in April on chip shortages and uncertainty

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Rental car sales are down 40% monthly and 55% since January


Car registrations in the Spanish market totaled 69,111 units in the fourth month of the year, down 12.1% from the 78,594 units sold a year earlier, according to data from manufacturers’ associations (Anfac) and dealers (Faconauto ) and seller (Ganvam).

This monthly decrease is explained by the slow economic recovery and the microchip supply crisis that has hit the market as a whole, to which is added the uncertainty from the international context.

In the first four months of 2022, passenger car deliveries in Spain reached a volume of 233,509 units, a decrease of 11.8% compared to the 264,649 units in the first four months of 2021.

Anfac economics director Aránzazu Mur said slow vehicle access to dealerships, caused by the microchip crisis and conflict-driven demand in Ukraine, “is making recovery more difficult”.

For his part, Faconauto’s communications director, Raúl Morales, stressed that the “poor registration data” that had dragged on in the first quarter had worsened in April due to the coincidence of Holy Week.

“Against the backdrop of a shortage of offers, where more cars older than 15 years are already being sold than new ones, the park’s renovation becomes a key point to promote decarbonization,” said Tania Puche, communications director at Ganvam.

By distribution channel, private individuals recorded the highest sales volume in April with 28,942 units, down 1.4% year-on-year, ahead of the business channel with 28,111 units, down 2.9%, and “car rental” with 12,058 units, down 40.6%.

Between January and last month, the commercial broadcaster focused on 106,915 registrations, a 1.3% increase, while businesses bought 102,395 units, a 2.8% drop, and landlords bought 24,199 units, a 55% drop.

As for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, new cars registered last month averaged 121.8 grams per kilometer driven, down 4.4% from a year earlier.


In April, 43.6% of car registrations in Spain had a petrol engine, ahead of diesel models with a share of 17.6% and alternative energy cars with 38.8%.

In the first four months of the current fiscal year, gasoline models accounted for 41.8% of the market, while diesel concentrated at 17.9% and alternative cars ended the quarter with 40.3% market penetration.

By segment, only premium models (+7.2%) and large minivans (+24.6%) recorded commercial gains in April, while so far this year all segments have declined, with small minivans (-59.9%) and large Cars (-42.9%) were highlighted. .


Source europapress.es

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