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Spandau 04 faces a curious double match day

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Suddenly the personnel situation was quite precarious for Wasserfreunde Spandau 04. The national players were missing anyway due to a parallel world league match against SG Neukölln on Tuesday a week ago. Three positive corona tests have now been added a few minutes before the match. “We only had six outfield players left,” says chairman Hagen Stamm.

That may have gone wrong against the penultimate draw of the Water Polo Bundesliga. But the people of Neukölln were ready to move. “We’re very grateful for that, it was extremely fair,” says Stamm. The game has been canceled for the second time after Spandau initially agreed to a transfer several weeks ago due to many coronavirus cases at SG.

The next attempt will take place this Wednesday. This leads to a curious situation: friends of the water don’t just play two games in one day. There are two away games, both of which will take place at the home stadium of Spandau in Schöneberg.

First at 19:00 against OSC Potsdam, who have great problems finding time to catch up in their own room and therefore come to Berlin. And at 8:30 p.m. against Neukölln, who, like Wasserfreunde from Schöneberg, play their home games.

Thanks to the large campus, only a few have to do it twice

The corona virus repeatedly disrupts the calendar and there are often cancellations and postponements. So the table is very lopsided. SV Ludwigsburg 08, for example, are the only one of the eight teams to have played all 14 preliminary round games. Others like Spandau and Neukölln only ten. Therefore, creative solutions are now being found.

“That shouldn’t give the impression of arrogance or arrogance at all,” says Stamm, referring to the fact that the record champions are playing the bottom-two teams in a row. “If everyone is there, we just have such a wide roster that we can field a team and a half,” Stamm says. Only a few players have to do it twice. Due to the busy schedule and in consultation with the opponents, the decision was made to play the away doubles in their own group.

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Of course, Spandau is still the favorite and the goal difference will not matter in the games. The friends of the water do not lose points, they won 10:6 at home against the current holder of the title, Waspo Hannover. If Waspo manages to get his revenge in early April, the question of who will start the play-offs first will only be based on the goal difference between these two games.

Chairman Hagen Stamm welcomes the postponement of the match against Neukölln.Photo: Imago Images

In Spandau, they are relaxed by the games against Potsdam and Neukölln. “We’re used to Wednesday games,” says Stamm ahead of Champions League games, “the only difference this time is that the next game isn’t just Friday, it’s Wednesday.” old man doesn’t think so badly. For the organization: “Advertising posters can remain mounted” And for you: “I can watch two games in a row”.

A new experience also for Stamm

The only problem is rest. Not for him, but for the Spandau players. An hour is really too long when you’re used to it, says Stamm. But of course Neukölln also has to warm up.
Stamm has yet to experience back-to-back away games at home, but back-to-back away from home.

A good 30 years ago, when I was active. First at SSV Esslingen, then at SV Cannstatt. The place was Sindelfingen. Coach Uwe Gaßmann left the regular players almost completely in the water in all eight quarters. Like physical training. “That was good. We made a lot of money on each case, saved an overnight stay and got the day off,” Stamm recalls.

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