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Spain in ‘full ascent’ of 7th wave, ‘we won’t reach peak for three weeks’

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The head of internal medicine at Infanta Leonor Hospital, Dr. Juan Torres, has warned that Spain is currently going through the seventh wave of Covid-19, although “it is not said” as “almost no more patients are admitted to intensive care”.

“We are in full swing and will only reach the peak in three weeks,” reported the specialist at the press conference to present the AtHenea initiative, which is funded by the Humans Foundation and Astrazeneca.

As he explained, the seventh is “a wave for patients and elderly people over 80-85 years old with pathologies and ultimately very fragile”. That’s why he has insisted that both vulnerable people and their environment “must continue to protect themselves” because “the pandemic is not over”.

For her part, primary care nurse Marina Moreno added that most Covid-19 patients are currently experiencing mild symptoms. “But that’s a double-edged sword because the disease is being normalized and it’s being trivialized and people are starting to not be as careful as they should be,” he warned.

“We cannot lower our vigilance, we must continue to insist that the pandemic is not over yet. Now Covid-19 is very under-reported and under-diagnosed, but it’s still very present,” the nurse added.

In the same vein, the pharmacist Rosalía Gozalo reported in her speech about an increase in sales of self-diagnostic tests for Covid-19 in pharmaceutical establishments. “In recent weeks, the purchase of self-diagnostic tests has increased significantly, but we also see that the population has lost fear and there is a lot of relaxation,” he warns. In this sense, she has emphasized the importance of health professionals in promoting health protection and prevention.

Referring to the incidence data of Covid-19, this Tuesday the Ministry of Health reported 50,235 new cases of coronavirus, of which 23,706 had been in people over 60 years old, bringing the total number of cases to 12,613,634 infections in Spain since the beginning of the Pandemic.

Regarding the current average incidence of infections in Spain in the last 14 days among people over 60 years old, there was an increase of 40 points compared to Friday before and stood at 653.25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Source europapress.es

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