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Sotheby’s sells dinosaur skeleton for $6.1 million

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To: 07/28/2022 21:32

A piece of prehistory has been auctioned off at Sotheby’s – in the form of a Gorgosaurus skeleton over 70 million years old. But who can now call the yet unnamed dinosaur his own remains a mystery.

By Anne Schneider, ARD Studio New York

The Dino Lord or Lady is three meters tall, 6.7 meters long and, at around 76 million years old, no longer the youngest. At its height it probably weighed two tons: The Gorgosaurus – or the skeleton of the same, which was auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York.

Nearly US$6.1 million was offered for the fossil. Unfortunately, the auction house did not reveal who purchased it.

Sotheby’s Vice President Cassandra Hatton declined to reveal who the proud new owner of the Gorgosaurus is.

Image: EPA

A relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Gorgosaurus is one of the few dinosaurs to have been auctioned since 1997. Sotheby’s was the first to sell such a fossil skeleton, explains the vice-president of the auction house Cassandra Hatton. The market is hot, they would fetch extremely high prices.

Incidentally, the Gorgosaurus comes from the same family as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s just a little smaller. And really delight visitors in the exhibition hall:

It’s a beautiful beast. And it came from this long line of Tyrannosaurus — it was evolutionary marvels.

Discovered in Montana in 2018

The particularity of this skeleton: it is made up of 80% of the original bones. The remaining 20% ​​had to be completed to stabilize the Gorgosaurus. Most of its congeners were found in Canada – and are now in museums.

However, this one was discovered in 2018 in Montana, USA. That’s the only reason it might be sold at all, says Hatton of Sotheby’s. Because like many other countries, Canada has strict restrictions on the export of fossils. So a dinosaur like that shouldn’t be executed. This makes this Gorgosaurus something special.

An unnamed dinosaur

But who buys something like that? Because apart from the price – the right piece takes up a lot of space with its three times almost seven meters. According to Hatton, there are usually both private buyers and museums bidding. And private buyers often made the dinosaurs available to a museum, also because of the space problem. “And for people who love dinosaurs, part of that love is sharing them with others,” Hatton said.

But whoever bought it, they can give the fossil a name. It hasn’t happened yet. Incidentally, the first dinosaur auctioned by Sotheby’s was called Sue.

A dinosaur auctioned off at Sotheby’s

Anne Schneider, ARD New York, July 28, 2022 8:47 p.m.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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