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SOS Children’s Villages is calling for support for access to studies or jobs for young people who remain in institutions



On the occasion of the International Youth Day celebrations this Friday, SOS Children’s Villages is calling for more support and guidance on the way into adult life for young people who no longer have care. Specifically, she demands, among other things, the introduction of grants for studying, access to the labor market or housing.

The body has warned that in recent years more than 5,100 former guardians have come of age and therefore had to leave the protection system “without adequate education, without family networks to support them in pursuing their studies and without social assistance”.

“Therefore, it will be difficult for them to successfully integrate into society,” criticized the NGO, which it has indicated has promoted the social and professional integration of more than 1,200 vulnerable young people, many of whom were former legal guardians .

As previously mentioned, these young people often face a short and accelerated transition to adulthood after reaching adulthood, which puts them at a significant disadvantage compared to other young people and contributes to their distancing from the educational system and labor market, making them one of the most vulnerable groups in society .

For this reason, one of the goals of SOS Children’s Villages is to prepare young people for the transition to adult life and to accompany them beyond the age of majority until they are fully integrated into society and the labor market.

“Through our youth program, we support them to make their emancipation process easier by providing them with the necessary tools and the same opportunities that any boy or girl their age would have,” the organization reported.


As explained, this body is based on its own experience and claims that the preparation for an independent life of young people in care begins at least two years before they reach the age of majority. In addition, they suggest offering them educational and professional training opportunities, as well as access to social, legal and health services, as well as adequate financial support.

SOS Children’s Villages also recommends assigning each young person a specialist to accompany them on their way to independence; and train professionals for this work.

Homogenize the help that young people receive in the different autonomous communities, encourage the public and private sectors to hire them, or encourage those with special needs to opt for support services that allow them to avoid unnecessary institutionalization when they reach the age of majority are other claims of the company.


Source europapress.es

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