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SOS Children’s Villages calls for awareness and support for children’s mental health

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SOS Children’s Villages has called for awareness and support mental health of the child, aiming to make it a reality for children, youth and young people in vulnerable situations. Last year the organization took part in Spain; Latin America and Africa to 29,850 boys, girls and adolescents.

SOS Children’s Villages warns that the mental health of the group of children, young people and young people is “particularly vulnerable” in times of crisis like the current one and denounces that the pandemic has doubled the number of child psychiatric emergencies, behavioral disorders and nutrition , Cases of anxiety, depression and adolescent self-harm and attempted suicide.

For all these reasons, it considers early assessment and care to be “key” to reducing the psychological impact and preventing future problems. For this reason, it has studied and is committed to the psychological impact of confinement and the pandemic on the young people it serves, up to and including monitoring and psychological evaluation, in order to identify, treat and medium-long term the effects of the pandemic to avoid mental problems.

In addition, she points out that those who have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it are at high risk of developing mental health disorders due to the lived experiences, which is why she is committed to training the professionals entrusted to them, a fact that preventing them, identifying them and knowing how to act in each situation is crucial.

In this sense, it points out that many of the more than 50,000 children and young people growing up without the care of their parents in Spain have had traumatic experiences in their lives and almost half have since received some form of psychiatric treatment, if a minor If you are exposed to such a situation for a long time, it is much easier for you to develop some kind of mental illness.

Social isolation, physical ailments, anxiety, depression, attention problems or disruptive behavior are some of the conditions they may suffer from. At this point he argues that the training of the professionals entrusted to him is crucial to prevent them, identify them and know how to act in each situation.

But alongside specialized care, the NGO sees it as essential to provide a safe and protective environment, with a stable caregiver who gives them the attention and affection they need and who makes them feel that they are cared for unconditionally and completely there are availability. .

For the organization, the mental health of children is the great oblivion of the Spanish health system, so it calls for an increase in mental health budgets, the inclusion of the specialty of child psychiatry and the creation of specialized teams for the diagnosis and treatment of the effects of child abuse.


The NGO defends that the mental health of children, adolescents and young people is a right and that without mental health there is no health. For this reason, in addition to family therapy services and animal-assisted intervention therapies, they allow for individual psychological care in all of their programs.

SOS Children’s Villages has been providing a family and protective environment for children who have been deprived of or are at risk of parental care for 70 years, demonstrating that quality alternative care can help them rebuild their lives when they are not at home their parents Break the generational cycle of separation and abandonment.

Source europapress.es

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