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Solvemate adds multilingual chatbot management to customer service platform

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BERLIN, March 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solvemate, the leading provider of conversational AI for customer service, today announced the addition of multilingual chatbot management functionality to its automation platform. With the help of the feature, businesses can offer their customers self-service chats in local languages ​​and thus increase their reach. Customer service teams can centrally manage chatbots in different languages, saving a lot of time and effort while maintaining a high-quality chat experience.

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Solvemate Adds Multilingual Chatbot Management to Customer Support Platform (Photo: Business Wire)

Customers expect compelling service in their native language

Companies must take into account the after-sales experience of their customers. According to a study by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) Research, 75% of shoppers prefer to shop with companies that offer support in their native language. Multilingual support increases the quality and value of customer interactions by minimizing misunderstandings and resolving issues more efficiently.

Thanks to Solvemate’s new multilingual chatbot management, companies can control the quality of their translations. In this way, automatic translations are generated and the bot’s multilingual conversations are adapted and localized according to the target group. This prevents poor quality translations from negatively impacting the brand experience and causing a loss of trust.

Cost-effective scaling through multilingual self-service

Maintaining multilingual customer service teams is a costly affair. With the new Solvemate feature, international companies can now offer all customers the same self-service quality. Automation can also be used to offer languages ​​that are not spoken in the company’s own call center. This can help prevent employee turnover when local support is difficult to find, especially outside of business hours.

Erik Pfannmöller, Co-Founder and CEO of Solvemate: “Our clients operate in highly competitive markets where linguistic nuances influence the perception of a brand. Assigning multiple languages ​​throughout the buying process is a challenge for any company. The new functionality will help businesses shape the post-sales experience and give them a service advantage that will help them grow.”

More efficient maintenance and care

Thanks to the scalable approach, service teams can easily train and maintain their Solvemate chatbot in multiple languages.

Summary of the advantages of Solvemate’s multilingual bot management:

Aike Alexander Schnug, Customer Service Manager, FOCUS Bikes: “Multilingual bot management gives us the flexibility to manage chatbots individually or make changes to all languages ​​at the same time. This saves our team time and effort while improving the customer experience.”

You can learn more about optimizing the customer experience with multilingual chatbots here.

More at solvemate.com.

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