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Solidarity at school and in the neighborhood

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Robert Klages writes from LICHTENBERG:

  • Aid to war refugees and solidarity with Ukraine remain key issues for us. This time, for example, with the following stories: Neighbors say hello: a fleeing Ukrainian family feels comfortable in Lichtenberg; In reaction to the war in Ukraine: schoolchildren form a great sign of peace. More on this in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • False vaccination card? Sükrü Celiker leaves the AfD
  • Great antiques flea market on the Trabrennbahn
  • Noise, Dirt, Smoke and Rats: Barbecue Permits Revoked for Three Parks
  • The exhibition “Cohesion in Diversity: Jewish Everyday Life in Germany” stops at Lichtenberg
  • chimney explosion

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Thomas Loy writes from TREPTOW-KÖPENICK:

  • Marienufer construction project or: relaxation in the Bolle Park
  • Behrensufer Construction Project or: The “Hanging Gardens of Köpenick”
  • Solo concerts around Ukraine
  • Treptow-Köpenick’s “Perfect Ambassador”: A Portrait of Harald Neumann
  • Bouchéstraße 17 housing community asks for ransom
  • Verification of green areas: 17 areas are “overused”
  • Businessman Grosse offers a reward for graffiti sprayers
  • Change of operator in the Kranbar
  • Safety training for e-bikers over 50 years old

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