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Söder and Merz for nuclear power until 2024

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Status: 04.08.2022 16:03

Bavarian Prime Minister Söder and CDU leader Merz demand that the last three active nuclear power plants continue to operate until 2024. Germany is in an energy emergency and action must be taken quickly.

In the dispute over the prolonged use of nuclear energy, CDU leader Friedrich Merz and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder are urging the Federal Government to take a quick decision.

According to him, the Bavarian power plant Isar-2 should not only operate for three months, but at least until mid-2024, Söder said after a visit to the nuclear power plant near Landshut. “Germany is in an energy emergency.” In winter, you have to reckon not only with gas, but also with electricity in case of shortage

Fuel rods should be ordered soon

Merz said he had “great sympathy” for ordering fuel rods for at least two years, or maybe two to five years. This is not only possible in Russia, but also, for example, in Sweden, Canada or the USA. Order lead time is twelve to 15 months, maybe only nine, Merz said. “So it’s April.”

That’s why it’s so important to make a decision in August. It will be difficult in September and impossible after Christmas. The Union faction is also ready to return to the Bundestag for plenary sessions during the summer recess, Merz stressed. “I would like to ask the federal government to make decisions quickly now.”

allegations against the Chancellor

Söder accused the Berlin cabinet of spreading untruths about nuclear energy. It is technically possible to continue operating Isar-2, as a TÜV report has shown. It is also not true that there are no staff for it or that the majority of the population is against it. The fact that the expansion of renewable energies is a Bavarian problem – as Chancellor Olaf Scholz had suggested – is a “blatant lie”.

Feds want stress test

In the spring, after a review, the federal government rejected the continued operation of the reactors. However, it has just launched a second so-called stress test for the electricity sector. The results should be available in a few weeks.

Security of supply is checked in winter under stricter assumptions such as shortages in neighboring countries and with particular attention to Bavaria. Apart from this, security aspects must also be taken into account. An important safety check is planned for all nuclear power plants, which has already been postponed when the nuclear exit decision was taken.

In addition to the Union, the FDP, as the ruling party, also campaigned for longer terms, at least during the winter. The Greens are skeptical, but do not categorically rule out continued exploitation in the short term.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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