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Social Security gains 72,111 overseas affiliates in May, marking a new historic high

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Social Security gained an average of 72,111 foreign affiliates (+3%) in May, ending the fifth month of the year with 2,426,625 migrant workers registered in the system, a new record number, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration said on Tuesday.

This May-registered monthly advance to foreign workers is the fourth in a row after the system added 18,500, 40,155 and 55,689 foreign contributors in February, March and April, respectively.

Of the total number of affiliated foreigners, 849,733 came from EU countries (35%) and 1,576,892 from third countries (64.9%). The most numerous groups of foreign workers are workers from Romania (348,126), Morocco (310,619), Italy (156,681), Colombia (112,349) and Venezuela (111,683).

In addition, the system has 54,778 members from Ukraine, 7,200 more than in February before the start of the Russian-led war.

Last year the membership of foreigners increased by 257,299 people, which is 11.8% more. Of the total number of foreign contributors, 55.8% are men (1,356,247) and 44.1% are women (1,070,378).

Seasonally adjusted social security affiliations for non-nationals increased by 4,958 workers in May from March to a total of 2,348,595 contributors, 159,174 more than before the pandemic broke out in February 2020. It is the twelfth consecutive monthly increase in the seasonally adjusted series. In the first five months of the year, the system accepted a total of 41,931 foreign workers.


Source europapress.es

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