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Social Rights provides €156 million in European funding for 20 social innovation projects



The Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, led by Ione Belarra, has allocated 156 million euros of European funding to 20 projects developed by 137 organizations such as the Red Cross, Total Inclusion, Children’s Villages or Hogar Sí to promote social innovation to be used in programs that work, among other things, for the deinstitutionalization of older and disabled people, the improvement of the living conditions of minors or the elimination of homelessness.

“We will present 20 social innovation projects carried out by 137 leading organizations in social transformation projects in our country; Projects that we are promoting thanks to European funds and that will serve to improve the lives of many people and create opportunities and learning that multiplies its impact,” declared Ione Belarra this Wednesday at the opening of the conference “Building a new country: European Fund at the Service of Social Innovation” held at the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM).

Some of the projects presented this Wednesday aim to enable elderly people to age in their homes with the necessary support (Red Cross or Matia Foundation programs); to encourage the repatriation of people living in residential homes (Spanish Society of Geriatrics) or to improve the lives of people with disabilities (Full Inclusion or COCEMFE).

Others try to set up specialized care (children’s villages); Support for young people in care (Fundación Raíces); Protect the most vulnerable children (UNICEF) and those who come to Spain alone (Save The Children) or fight against homelessness (Hogar Sí and FACIAM). More specifically, the minister has announced that they will fund a pilot project based on Housing First in Spain.

As the Minister of Social Rights pointed out, Spain is “the only country in the European Union that has a social axis in its recovery, transformation and resilience plan”, adding that they are “very proud of it because Spain has the closure and leading the fight against inequality”.

Belarra has specified that with these projects they are “breaking” with the idea that the future cannot be better in social terms. “We claim that innovation must be at the service of citizens, that it is the best tool to create more just societies,” he stressed.

For the minister, the organizations that lead the projects presented this Wednesday have “sown hope for the future” and in this sense she pointed out that “sometimes the mistake is made of believing that hope is an emotion”. , if In his opinion “a daily task”.

The goal, Belarra said, is to achieve a future “where well-being is the norm, where care is the focus, where boys and girls are more equal and free, where young people have more opportunities, where older people have more opportunities that all their rights are guaranteed and people with disabilities see that the barriers are removed”.

Specifically, he highlighted improving the lives of older people as one of the main goals, so that “getting old is no longer synonymous with the restriction of rights, that you don’t have to give up your life, that you don’t have to end your days in a crowded apartment or wait for a public place that doesn’t go down well” and that the elderly “are as well looked after as the richest people”.


Source europapress.es

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