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Snipers stole $1,000 from a man in the parking lot of a mall in northern Quito

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In broad daylight on Tuesday, an attack in the form of a pencil sharpener was reported in the parking lot of a shopping center located north of Quito. Images of the scene are already circulating on Twitter.

National Police Captain Ricardo Benavides told Metro Ecuador from the scene that around 3:30 a.m., two subjects attacked a man with a gun to the head as he left to withdraw money from an entity bank located inside commercial.

“While trying to grapple with these individuals, the victim was hit in the head with the gun,” he added. added Benavides and added that witnesses to the event heard two gunshots.

There was also a struggle between the security guards and the criminals, trying to apprehend them. ECU 911 is then alerted and the police go to the scene.

They later searched the mall parking lot and surrounding area for the attackers. Police units found no ballistic evidence or damage to public space or a vehicle. “We cannot determine then that there was a shooting”, contributed.

Similarly, authorities checked security camera footage and verified that a subject in a wheelchair served as a “companion” (accomplice) and notified the two attackers of the man’s departure from the bank.

The victim received primary care inside the mall.

On your side, the Quito Security Secretariat in a report, he explained that the man had withdrawn money from the bank “without requesting police custody”.

A week ago, an armored car was attacked in a shopping center located in Carapungo, north of Quito. They took $150,000the money that the depositories were going to provide to an ATM.

Four subjects were waiting outside the mall on motorcycles. Four others pretend to be customers of a sports establishment in the mall.

The attackers waited for the guards on an escalator to intercept them. This prompted a shootout that injured two; one of them was shot in the left foot.

Between January and April 2022, the prosecutor’s office handled 2,205 theft cases in Quito. This number of robberies represents an increase from the same periods in previous years.


Source metroecuador.com

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