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At tink there are currently many offers for smart lighting in the garden. We check the Smart Garden offers for you.

Smart garden lighting (source: tink)

Would you like to stage your garden oasis perfectly and make every garden party an experience? No problem, your guests will soon be amazed. With smart garden lighting you combine aesthetics with functionality, comfort and safety – with just one click in the app. tink is the perfect partner for smart garden lighting and will help you bring your ideas to life.

The mood lighting in your garden contributes a great deal to the beautification of your home. Sophisticated light accents that specifically set your outdoor area in scene and individual color combinations turn the terrace and the flower bed into real eye-catchers. With tink, garden lighting is all about intelligence: you can control garden floodlights according to your ideas and create schedules using an app, tailored to your personal daily routine. You also save money because your smart garden light is only active when you want it to be.

Flexibility and security for the garden

With smart garden lighting you have full control and adapt the light to the occasion – whether it’s a garden party with friends or cozy winter lights to look outside when it’s warm and comfortable inside. The entire control is carried out conveniently with the associated app – after positioning and installing the lights in your garden, all other steps can be carried out digitally. Depending on the supplier, you can expand your lighting installation as you wish. tink can also give you the right recommendations when choosing the right supplier.

Since all products are designed for outdoor use, your garden lighting is also well equipped for low temperatures and contact with water. The topic of security also plays a role in smart garden lighting: Equipped with a motion sensor, the lighting switches on as soon as something moves in the garden.

There are different types of garden lighting

Depending on the application, different types of garden lighting are available. The tink experts will be happy to advise you in detail on this – but here you can get a small overview of the most important lamps and their respective areas of application.

Path lights and street lamps

Do you want to get to your front door or cross the garden in the dark in a safer way for you but also for your guests? Then path and pedestal lights are perfect, especially in winter when it can be dark and slippery. The corresponding motion detectors or outdoor cameras start immediately as soon as a movement is registered.


Headlamps also contribute to safety in the dark: by illuminating a large radius, you can, for example, walk safely from the front door to the car. Here, too, the combination with a motion detector is ideal. Another advantage: strangers who approach the house in your absence can be deterred.

outdoor wall sconces

The perfect choice for smart patio lighting that makes your walls shine. Depending on the model, the light flows upwards or both upwards and downwards. It is easily controlled via the app, a voice assistant or a motion detector.

outdoor spotlights

Outdoor floodlights are the ideal choice if you want to highlight individual areas of your garden with light – be it the beautiful raised bed, the small pond or the prominent tree that would otherwise disappear into the dark. With the smart garden lighting you set the accents and control and dim the light according to your needs via app.

Choosing the right garden lighting

tink: System Problem Tips

tink: Advice on the system problem (source: tink)

Of course, the right lighting depends on your individual wishes for your garden. Here it is worth seeking advice from the experts at tink, who can assess exactly which products are best suited to your ideas. Another important factor in your decision is whether you already use a smart home system in your home. The respective smart garden light must be compatible with the system of this manufacturer. These differed in particular by the communication standard used.


ZigBee is the most widely used communication standard for smart garden lighting. The advantage here is the long range, which allows you to control your lights from a distance.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Control via Bluetooth or WLAN is suitable for lighting installed near the house – the range is approx. 10 m and is often sufficient.

Therefore, smart garden lighting

Smart garden lighting ensures a great look for every occasion and also provides more security for your home. Depending on the time of day or lighting needs, you can dim and control your lighting as you wish. Instead of laboriously aligning and changing the lights by hand, you can easily and intuitively control them via the app. You position the light sources according to your own ideas and taking into account the range of your connection used.

Current offers for smart garden lighting at tink

Here we collect the best smart garden lighting offers from tink for you – we only show you the best prices!

Hombli Outdoor Smart Fairy Lights 5m + extension cord

Hombli Outdoor Smart Fairy Lights 5m + Extension
€89.95€120.00-25% tink

NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

At tink you will find the smart outdoor lighting from Hombli at a low price: the smart light chain in elegant look can be operated via app and floods outdoor areas with pleasant light in no time. The price comparison shows that other manufacturers charge at least 120 euros for the Hombli bundle. Shoppers save around $30 at tink.


Ledvance SMART+ Garden Spot Wall & Spike RGBW WiFi set of 6

Ledvance SMART+ Garden Spot Wall & Spike RGBW WiFi set of 6
€169.95220,00 €-22% tink

NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

Lamp manufacturer Ledvance offers smart garden lighting for integration into the smart home. At tink, there is a pack of 6 RGBW WiFi spots at a low price. The price comparison shows that 6 smart outdoor lights cost at least 220 euros at other retailers. Buyers save around 50 euros with the tink deal.


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