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Small cattle also do shit: 1 euro a day can be enough for a millionaire fortune

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Small cattle also do shit, that also applies to the stock market, in case of doubt even smaller amounts can guarantee a millionaire fortune. Even one euro a day is enough to achieve such a goal. At least if you start investing very early and continue to do so for as long as possible.

It sounds almost unbelievable what is possible with one euro a day. Or what millions of fortunes you can achieve with this. Let’s make a comparison at this point: If you save one euro a day for 70 years, you will still have 25,200 euros after this period. That is not little either, but it is not exhausting all the possibilities.

With 1 euro a day to a millionaire fortune!

Best of all, it would actually be easy to amass a million dollar fortune on one euro a day. It is enough to take this bundled amount per month. And, for example, invest 30 euros in a savings plan in a low-cost index fund or ETF. Historically, the S&P 500 would have gotten more than 9% a year. Let’s calculate with 9% pa, which is not a bit ambitious. But in principle it is possible, as years of history have shown.

If you had been investing a dollar a day since you were born (or maybe your parents, to begin with) you wouldn’t have a twenty-year amount. Not even in the hundreds of thousands. No, but arithmetically a total of 1,345,000 euros. We can call that a fortune in the millions. It also shows that small animals really do do a lot of shit. Even one euro a day can change your life financially until you retire.

This millionaire fortune would have been created from 24,120 euros. This means that over 67 years he would have reached this amount with only 1.79% of this value as his own investment. To me, a truly outstanding example of what the effect of compounding interest over long periods of time makes possible. Even with smaller quantities.

Investing is suitable for the crowd!

It is true that these examples of extreme calculations show that assets worth millions on the stock market are realistic. But the most important thing is that investing is not a discipline for a privileged minority. No, it is something that anyone can aspire to.

Cheap ETFs and index funds, as well as savings plans on these popular classics, have special appeal. However, the example calculation also shows that time is a very valuable commodity and that it is better not to waste it as a saver and investor. Especially not if you want to accumulate a bigger fortune with little effort.

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