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Sirius hits man (32) Kippa in the head and attacks him – BZ Berlin

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Since Thursday morning, the state security police have been investigating physical injuries and hate crimes.

At around 6:15 am, in the corridor of a hostel on Storkower Straße, a 24-year-old man of Syrian nationality was reported to have suddenly knocked the yarmulke off the head of a 32-year-old British man, and then fell to the ground. , repeatedly kicked around the hat.

Then the attacker, the 32-year-old man reported to the police, asked him to shout the words “Say free Palestine.” Around the same time, the 24-year-old began punching him multiple times in the face.

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A witness confirmed the facts with the Kippa shot down. The man who was attacked complained of headaches but refused medical treatment.

Because there was a suspicion that the attacker had consumed alcohol, his breath alcohol level was measured. The result was a value of 1.2 per thousand.

Because the suspect could only show an expired residence permit, he was taken into police custody to determine his identity, where blood was drawn before he could continue on his way.

The man’s papers were confiscated. He received a passport collection certificate with the stipulation that he now reported to the immigration office responsible for him. State security investigations are ongoing.

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