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Siniora To Aoun After His Whitewashing Of Hezbollah: The Lebanese People Are Not Stupid

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Former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora criticized President Michel Aoun for his whitewashing of Hezbollah abroad and his claim that the Hezbollah militia “has no influence on the security reality of the Lebanese at home.”
Siniora responded to a statement by Michel Aoun to the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” on Tuesday.

Siniora considered that Aoun ignored “that his words cannot be accepted or believed in Lebanon. The Lebanese people are not stupid, and they have not forgotten the scourges to which they are subjected by Hezbollah’s policy and practices, especially when he directed his weapons and occupied the center of Beirut. , interrupting life there for a year and a half “. And he invaded Beirut and other Lebanese regions with weapons, causing the death and injury of innocent Lebanese.”

He added, according to the Lebanese newspaper “Al-Jumhuriya”, “President Aoun did not see that the International Tribunal for Lebanon unanimously approved and condemned the main elements of Hezbollah for the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the party is still shows reluctance to deliver the accused to court.”

He continued: “President Aoun also missed that Hezbollah weapons contributed to the coup against Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government through the black shirts in 2011.”

He added that Aoun deliberately ignored that Hezbollah “intended to implicate Lebanon in foreign wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and what all this caused in the destruction of Lebanon’s Arab relations and the interests of its people, which was also reflected in its economy and the standard of living of the Lebanese who suffer its devastating repercussions on them”. Especially since the party, by virtue of its influence and its weapons, has applied to the Lebanese state and prevents it from exercising its authority, its exclusive influence, and its free decision.

He added: “It is unfortunate that the president of the country has used his office and position to cover up Hezbollah’s crimes in front of the European community before the parliamentary and presidential elections,” saying, “Instead of the president working on the last days of his mandate to compensate for the failures, afflictions and calamities that he caused, he is adding to his problems a new problem”. .


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