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Simple trick to track an iPhone

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An Apple insider revealed a simple trick that allows iPhone users to track their devices even when they’re turned off or set to Airplane mode.

Nils van Straten, better known as “Apple Design” on Instagram, detailed the hack in a video on his account, walking his followers through a series of quick steps to get the hack working.

Niels first goes to “Settings” and then to “Face ID & Passcode”. He then disabled access to Control Center and USB accessories when the phone is locked, which will prevent thieves from switching the phone to airplane mode.

The first thing the thief does is switch to Airplane mode to disconnect from the internet. Thieves often use Airplane mode to prevent someone from tracking or accessing their devices once they’ve taken possession of them. Normally this mode can be activated when the phone is locked, but Niels’ hack prevents this.

If this step fails, Niels has asked users to ensure that location services are always running. This is done by clicking “Privacy” in the Settings section of the iPhone and then going to the Location Services section.

Finally, Niels turned to the “Find My” section of the phone. He explained that the “Find My” feature, which allows users to track the location of all their Apple devices, contains three subsections.

Finally, Niels asks users to go to their Apple ID, Find My, tap Find My iPhone, use Find My Network, and send the device’s last location.

This setting allows users to locate their iPhone when it is offline, in power reserve mode, and even after it has been turned off. It will also share the phone’s last location with Apple when the battery gets too low, according to the British Daily Mail.

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